This dynamic neighbourhood with many shops also includes several museums near the impressive Palais Rohan (presently the Town Hall), Saint-André cathedral, and the Tour Pey-Berland, a freestanding bell tower topped by a golden bronze statue of Our Lady of Aquitaine.

A former archbishop, Maximilien de Rohan, decided to build a new episcopal palace here in 1774. This classically beautiful building is located just across from the cathedral. Its garden is flanked by two galleries, transformed into a fine arts museum in the 19th century. This museum contains masterpieces of pictorial art from the 15th to the 20th centuries. 

Rue Bouffard close by features the best antiques shops and decorators in Bordeaux. Place Gambetta, at the end of this street, features an English-style garden designed in the late 19th century by landscape artist Eugène Bülher.

The modern Mériadeck district, on the other side of this charming square, replaced a run-down part of town without great architectural value, and epitomises urban development and collective housing in the 1970s.