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Walking - Loop - Cultural - Historical

  • Distance : 5,3km
  • Duration : 1h45
  • Means of locomotion : on foot
  • Difficulty : Very easy

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Town of departure : BORDEAUX
Town of arrival : BORDEAUX

Description : It is 10 years since an urban perimeter of 1810 hectares in central Bordeaux has enjoyed recognition by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. This area takes in almost all of the city centre as the “Port de la Lune” (Port of the Moon). The Tourist Office offers routes around the city to help you discover the ambience and the main monuments of Bordeaux at your own pace.


Key information


Points of interest

  • Monument aux Girondins

    Monument aux Girondins

    A tribute to the inhabitants of Gironde lost during the French Revolution, ‘Liberty Breaking its Chains’ stands proud at the top of the 43m column (1895-1901).

  • Maison Gobineau

    Maison Gobineau

    Bordeaux’s own version of the ‘Flatiron Building’ which houses the CIVB headquarters (Bordeaux Wine MultiDisciplinary Council) as well as their wine bar, which is a local institution (1788).

  • Grand Théâtre


    A master-piece of European architecture, of which the stair well served as inspiration for the architect responsible for the Opera Garnier in Paris. Fronted by a columned portico with twelve stone statues (nine muses accompanied by Minerva, Venus, Juno), it is one of the most spectacular 18th century theatres in the world today.

  • Eglise Notre-Dame

    Eglise Notre-Dame

    Constructed by the Jacobins, the church is typical of baroque edifices of the Counter-Reformation. Its parvis has been the set of numerous period-drama films.

  • Cour Mably

    Cour Mably

    The cloister of a former Dominican convent, today it is the Regional Chamber of Accounts and a concert and exhibition venue.

  • Porte Dijeau

    Porte Dijeau

    An imposing city entrance which opens onto one of Bordeaux’s most beautiful tree-planted squares.

  • Palais Rohan

    Palais Rohan

    After the French Revolution in 1800 it became the Gironde prefecture, then an imperial palace and royal residence, until finally becoming the city hall in 1837.

  • Cathédrale Saint-André

    Cathédrale Saint-André et Tour Pey Berland

    This Gothic-style cathedral hosted two royal marriages. The first between Eleanor of Aquitaine and the future Louis VII and the second between Anne of Austria and Louis XIII. The Pey Berland Tower, a bell tower built in the 15th century separately from the cathedral offers a unique view of the city.

  • Musée d'Aquitaine

    Musée d'Aquitaine

    A museum retracing the history of Aquitaine and Bordeaux, from prehistory to the present.

  • Grosse Cloche

    Grosse Cloche

    A historic town belfry and the only remains of the old defensive gate of the 13th century. Cast in 1775 by the Turmel foundry, the bell weighs 7,800 kg.

  • Place Fernand Lafargue - Bar Apollo

    Place Fernand Lafargue

    The former ‘old market place’ (1155), where the pillory was once installed. Today along with Rue Saint James constitutes one of the hippest places in Bordeaux.

  • Porte Cailhau

    Porte Cailhau

    A former defensive gate (1493-1496) dedicated to King Charles VIII of France, victor of the Battle of Fornovo (Italy). The Porte Cailhau makes for an interesting visit with panoramic views.

  • Place Saint-Pierre

    Eglise Saint-Pierre

    Built between the 14th and 15th centuries on the site of an old Gallo-Roman port.

  • Place du Parlement

    Place du Parlement

    he most Italian of the squares in the city, created in 1754 by decree of Bailiff Tourny. In the centre stands a fountain by Louis Garros (1865).

  • Miroir d'eau

    Place de la Bourse

    This product of the Age of Enlightenment is the city square the most comparable to Versailles. Built by Jacques Gabriel from 1729 to 1733, the Royal Square, along with the ‘Stock Market Building’ became the place where trade prices were set in the 18th century. In the centre, The Fountain of the Three Graces.

  • 29052015-2481 miroir d'eau (1)

    Miroir d'eau

    A key feature of the Garonne waterfront redevelopment project. The water mirror has become the emblem and the favorite place for strolling with children.