The Bacalan district - Amandine S  

Little known, or rather only partially known by the Bordelais, Bacalan is an amazing part of the city offering pleasant surprises. I recently discovered some atypical places here that have become special favourites of mine. 


I went to the Vivres de l’Art for the first time on a summer evening. This renovated site combines life-size works of art, special events, and exhibitions. A concert was going on at the outdoor museum, and I really enjoyed it. People were strolling around admiring works of art. They had come to have a good time, dance, and share. There was a very happy, convivial feeling in the air. 

That same evening, I went to the Bar de la Marine for the first time. I really like this bar-restaurant and, weather permitting, they serve drinks and meals outdoors. The candles on the tables, warm atmosphere, and music make this seem like a dance hall.

Another fascinating place nearby, the Garage Moderne, is a mechanical workshop by day and a temple of art and culture at night!

Thanks to establishments such as this, that are great to frequent with family and friends, the Bacalan district is a cultural centre accessible to everyone.

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