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Bordeaux Bassins à flot - Bacalan

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Submarine Base

  • Phone : +33 5 56 11 11 50


Seeming to be out of time, the Submarine Base combines concrete, steel, water, and shadow to highlight history… and art.

Dating from 1941-43, the base is one of five built by the Germans on the Atlantic coast for U-boats during the Second World War. This gigantic bunker is a veritable honeycomb with eleven alveolus linked by an inner street.

This venue has been converted into an original, "underground" cultural location by the City of Bordeaux. The Submarine Base offers multidisciplinary activities all year long: exhibitions, concerts, opera, jazz, theatre, dance, etc.

Going there is always an experience. Visitors are invariably awed by the immense concrete structure, the unique atmosphere on the quays, and the carefully-designed lighting.

This setting in the wet dock district is very unusual and, ultimately, very modern.

It is closed at that time for works.


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  • Temporary exhibitions


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Open days

  • From 02/01/2020 until 31/12/2020
  • Open daily

Closed on bank holidays


  • Boulevard Alfred Daney
  • 33000 BORDEAUX

  • Bordeaux Bassins à flot - Bacalan


  • +33 5 56 11 11 50