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Legal advice and litigation for foreign nationals

ICARE, L’Institut de Conseil et d’Assistance aux Résidents Etrangers (Institute for Advice and Assistance to Foreign Residents), was established by the Bordeaux Bar and is presided over by the serving Chairman of the Bar. The institute was founded on the basis that Bordeaux and the surrounding region are a hub for a growing number of foreign nationals, some of whom are simply passing through while others wish to settle permanently.

ICARE lawyers have specific areas of expertise and combine a proficiency in foreign languages and legal knowledge to provide a multidisciplinary approach to legal advice and litigation for these foreign nationals. ICARE members all have writing and oral proficiency in at least one foreign language besides French. At present, these languages include English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Luxembourgish.

These ICARE members, who are dedicated to promoting legal access to foreigners, are often in contact with a professional network both in France and abroad and are no strangers to the differences in legal, administrative and cultural practices which exist between the French system and that to which the foreign national is accustomed. Therefore, they set themselves a mission to support foreign nationals who wish to benefit from legal assistance in France, in a language they understand, which enables them to grasp the issues at stake and the solutions which may be provided.

For further information or to get in touch with the lawyers (FRENCH equivalent of Solicitors and Barristers) at the Institute, please contact:

La Maison de l’Avocat
1 rue de Cursol
BORDEAUX (33000)

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