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Sites & monuments

Imbued with a rich cultural and architectural heritage, Bordeaux houses an eyeful of historical and modern monuments and landmarks. Don’t miss wandering through Bordeaux’s World Heritage perimeter, and be sure to visit must-see historical monuments such as the Pey-Berland Tower, the Saint-André Cathedral, the Porte Cailhau, the Grand-Théâtre or the Place de la Bourse. To enrich your sightseeing trip, take some time to discover other sites of the “new” Bordeaux. We particularly recommend the Cité Frugès - designed by Le Corbusier - or the “écosystème Darwin”, an alternative food and leisure centre.


Visit more, spend less!

For those who wish to make the most of their stay, the Bordeaux CityPass is really the best. This pass is available for 24, 48 or 72 consecutive hours. Included:

  • La Cité du Vin
  • The Bassins de Lumières
  • Unlimited access to tram, bus, river shuttle
  • 20 museums and monuments
  • 1 guided tour
  • Many discounts on cruises, wine tours and more


Alternative places

Monuments on video

© Grosse Cloche - Crédit Picsol
© La Flèche Saint-Michel
© Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux
© La Porte Cailhau
© La Tour Pey-Berland
© La Porte Cailhau

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