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5 Neighborhoods to visit Bordeaux as a Local  

City of neighborhoods, when we’re wandering the streets of Bordeaux, we sometimes get the feeling of being in a small village… And that’s only because Bordeaux is a city of neighborhoods, with plenty of options for sightseeing, eating, and shopping. So let’s not wait any longer and let’s go exploring five of these neighborhoords! 


The Eco-friendly right bank


In just a few years, the right bank has totally refined its flavor and is definitely worth a look. On a sunny day, locals come here to have a walk under the trees, a break at the Botanical Garden and a drink at Darwin. Sustainable development project, not only you’ll find there a café, but also a restaurant, an organic shop, a skate park, a vegetable garden, and a lot of street arts! 

33100 Bordeaux

T +33 5 56 77 52 06

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The Trendy Saint-Pierre

Quartier Saint-Pierre

The Saint-Pierre neighborhood has become one of the most trendy area for shopping over the last few years. Bonendroit, a brand new concept store, is definitely a must-do. You’ll find there some souvenirs of the city that you can’t find anywhere else, such as camper mugs printed with the Grosse Cloche. Thrift shop, trendy clothes stores, jewellery… You should definitely find what you’re looking for! And after a shopping session, what’s better than a drink sitting at a terrace? Unless you’d prefer a bagel? 

Vieux Bordeaux / Old town
33000 Bordeaux

T +33 5 56 48 04 24

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The Reemergent Bassin à Flot

Quai des marques

Just like the previous neighborhoods, the Bassin à Flot has changed a lot during the last few years. Unique place devoted to the cultures of wine, you’ll find there La Cité du Vin, a must-do for any wine lovers. For the art enthusiasts, the Base Sous-Marine is the place not to be missed. Old bunker from the Second World War, the Base Sous-Marine is now a cultural space, with temporary exhibitions and concerts all year round. And when time comes to nibble at something, Les Tontons are a great trendy address, with a buffet and different take away options. 

Bassin à Flot
33000 Bordeaux

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The Cosmopolitan Saint-Michel

Quartier Saint-Michel

Located in the old town, foodies love to wanter the streets of the Saint-Michel neighborhood because of its delicious vitrines from all around the world. In a split second, you can travel from Vietnam to Hungary, from the Tching Tchang Tchong to the Briocherie Hongroise, a cake shop where you’ll get the chance to savour some of the best pastries in town. But if you’d like to have some flavors from Morocco, you’ll be in paradise at Les Saveurs de l’Atlas!

Quartier Saint-Michel
33000 Bordeaux

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The Luxurious Les Grands Hommes

Quartier des Grands Hommes

Other neighborhood, other atmosphere. Surrounding by some of the most impressive monuments such as the Grand Théâtre, Les Grands Hommes are a nice area for shopping. Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Longchamp, … Luxurious brands are well established here, just like gourmet food stores. If you’re salivating at the prospect of foie gras, head to Lafitte or Dubernet! But since France is also “The Country of 300 Cheeses”, what you’d be a trip to Bordeaux without a cheese tasting? To do so, Jean d’Alos is your destination! 

Quartier des Grands Hommes
33000 Bordeaux

Shops: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Carrefour: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm
Market: Monday to Saturday form 8am to 7pm

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