The association 'Tourisme & Handicaps', aims to raise awareness among tourism professionals concerning services for disabled people in tourism and entertainment facilities and to implement and manage measures making it possible to promote policies that would further these services. 


The 'Tourisme & Handicap' label was created at the nationwide level: its role is to provide reliable, descriptive and objective information concerning the accessibility of tourist sites and facilities, by taking four types of disabilities (auditory, mental, visual and motor) into account. It also serves to develop tourist services that are adapted and integrated into the general range of tourist services available. The main types of targeted facilities include accommodations, restaurants, cultural sites (museums, monuments, etc.) and entertainment venues.

The Secretariat of State for Tourism has undertaken an approach to galvanize tourism professionals and raise their awareness for a better integration of disabled people.

In 2001, a voluntary labelling process was undertaken at the national level, and carried out for 4 types of disabilities:motor, mental, visual and auditory.The Tourism & Handicap label is meant to inform customers with specific needs about the accessibility of sites and tourist equipment.

In June 2007, Bordeaux was recognized by UNESCO, which put it on its World Heritage List: it was a recognition of our city's value and historic unity. Bordeaux is exemplary thanks to the unity of its urban and architectural expression. This architecture is classical and neoclassical and met with nearly no stylistic changes for over two centuries. In September 2007, it became a pilot city on the national level for the set-up of discovery circuits adapted to customers with specific needs in urban environments.

In this framework, three itineraries were given the “Tourism and Handicaps” label for people with motor and hearing disabilities. They are the 2 km “Palais Galien” circuit, the 3.6 km “Historic centre” circuit and the 2.8 km “Jardin botanique – Bastide” circuit, which showcases the treasures of the right bank. These 3 itineraries are presented with detailed maps available from the Bordeaux Tourist Office. This guide may also be downloaded.

Bordeaux Destination for all

The aim of the label destination for all is to develop territories offering a coherent and comprehensive tourism offer for the disabled, including both the accessibility of tourist sites and activities, but also the accessibility of other aspects of daily life and facilitating travel in the territory concerned.

This label, launched in 2013 jointly by the ministries in charge of disability and tourism is awarded for a period of 3 years

The label regards the territories have developed a tourism offer for at least 2 of the 4 families with disabilities (hearing, mental, motor and visual) and are committed to expanding their tourism offer to other families with disabilities and to provide new services.