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Travelling with a disability: The 10 best apps for a smooth stay in Bordeaux

Do you have a disability and are looking to visit the beautiful city of Bordeaux? The city throws its arms wide open to you, revealing its many splendours and secrets. To explore under the best possible conditions, take a look at our selection of specialised mobile apps. Here’s an overview of the 10 best applications for disabled persons, ensuring a smooth stay in the “Pearl of Aquitaine”.


Toolib is an application for helping people with disabilities get around while travelling away from home. They propose accommodation, technical support and vehicles adapted to every type of disability. Indeed, each place of accommodation is examined by the trained eyes of a team of occupational therapists in order to make sure that it conforms. Their goal is to “finally achieve inclusion for persons with disability and no longer be limited by an integrational approach”. 

application handicap Bordeaux


In life, we don’t just have Facebook and Instagram… there’s Mobalink too! The app is a free, welcoming social network made specifically for people with disabilities and their close ones. It is based on a concept of mutual assistance. Look for information, ask questions, help the community and meet locals during your visit to Bordeaux! 

Since it’s not always easy to know where to find a parking space, it is sometimes useful to plan ahead. In just a few clicks, helps you find the thousands of spaces reserved for holders of a European disability card in hundreds of cities, including Bordeaux.

appl handicap Bordeaux

JustBip Assistance 

City life doesn’t always run smoothly. JustBip makes it a little easier! Where this free service is available, persons with reduced mobility (an elderly person, a person with a disability, a pregnant woman, etc.) can request and receive assistance. City life isn’t so bad, is it?


Restaurants, toilets, boutiques, cinemas… Unfortunately, not all of these places are always accessible to persons with reduced mobility. Thanks to the Wheelmap community, find almost a million different places equipped for wheelchair users, as well as reviews of over two million places in the world. Afterwards, if you should choose, you can provide information to Wheelmap about the places you’ll have visited in Bordeaux !

Be My Eyes 

Three little words that can sometimes have a big impact. Indeed, nowadays, blind persons and the visually impaired can enter into contact with volunteers across the world. With the app Be My Eyes, these volunteers act as a guide when walking the streets of Bordeaux.

appli handicapé Bordeaux


It’s not always easy to spot local public transport when you are visually impaired. So, what’s the solution? Using artificial intelligence, the app Ezymob guides the visually impaired from their home until the train station, letting them know when they reach stops and accompanying them while they connect with other transport services.


Getting around a big city like Bordeaux can be challenging when you have a disability. Streetco signals any temporary or permanent obstacles in the vicinity so that you can enjoy the city without having to worry about what you might find!


With 285 residents per restaurant, Bordeaux holds a nice little record! To make the most of this situation, the well-named app Jaccede (“I access”) indicates their level of accessibility. The same goes for other places such as hotels, bakeries, boutiques, pharmacies, banks, etc., which are listed in the application thanks to a plethora of contributors. Will you be the next one?

app' handicap Bordeaux


Handiplanet is a social network for travellers with disabilities that acts as a collaborative travel guide. Thanks to this app, disabled persons and their carers can properly prepare for a trip in the Gironde capital thanks to the stories, tips and advice given by other Handiplanet users, with the added bonus of being able to enter into contact with them and ask any questions that you might have !

appli handicap à Bordeaux
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