The Val de Garonne  

Did you know that Meilhan-sur-Garonne stands at one of the most pronounced meanders in the Garonne? Do you know the story of the village of Couthures, that is regularly flooded by the Garonne? Can you recognize Abouriou, a grape variety local to the Côtes des Marmandais? Would you have guessed that there is a Rembrandt in the Collegiate Church in Mas d'Agenais? Less than an hour's drive from Bordeaux and Agen, the Val de Garonne offers a wealth of fascinating things to explore. 


The agricultural Eden of the Val de Garonne leads you away from the beaten path. Nature is present here in all its wonder. In the powerful bond that has been woven between the inhabitants and the Garonne River. In the canal shimmering under the plane trees and in the hillsides planted with vines. Here is a place to take your time, to contemplate and to explore. A stay of a few days will give you an opportunity to experience the deep serenity and elegance of the landscapes.

There are numerous sports and leisure activities, flourishing arts and crafts in the towns and villages, and a rich cultural heritage. You can also enjoy the region's gastronomic delights, enlivened by the merry Gascon hospitality. Eclectic, radiant, and generous in spirit… come and savour the pleasures of the Val de Garonne for yourself.