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24 hours to enjoy the Garonne



  • 12,6 km
  • 3 Stunden
  • Medium
  • In the agglomeration

Though we pass by the river at every moment, we sometimes forget that the River Garonne has long been a source of nourishment, a means of travel. A witness to History, it has inspired countless stories and poems. Why not take a full day to discover and enjoy the Garonne?



9h - Enjoy a canoeing session accross the Garonne to (re)discover the city of Bordeaux 

The sun is still low, and the city is slowly waking. Embark on one of the boats of Les Marins du Port de la Lune (prior booking required). Promoting non-motorized water activities, the association offers you a calm and relaxing cruise along the water - an ideal opportunity to get an eyeful of the 18th - century architecture of Bordeaux’s quaysides.

Les Marins du Port de la Lune


11:30 am - Take a break on the banks of the River Garonne

Closed in 1979, the Chantiers de la Garonne (Dockyards of the Garonne) now houses a restaurant. Comfortably seated on a deckchair on the terrace, admire the Place de la Bourse while enjoying seafood with your feet in the sand. The interior also offers excellent views thanks to its panoramic window. Make sure you try their 100% organic beer, brewed on-site with cereals grown and malted in South West France. 

If you came in just for a drink, why not go for a picnic on the Quai des Queyries ? Offering plenty of shade, grass, and sun-drenched benches, this spot also boasts beautiful views of Bordeaux’s left bank.



1:00 pm - Crossing the Garonne aboard a Bat3

Head to the Stalingrad pier meeting point. From there, board a Bat3 towards to Lormont. This cruise-like ride gives you plenty of time to admire the landscape, and take pictures. Once ashore, you are at a six-minute walking distance from the Parc de l’Ermitage lookout point. Admire the city of Bordeaux, and see the curve of the River Garonne which gives Bordeaux its nickname of “Port of the Moon.”


3:30 pm - A sound walk to discover the Bassins à Flots

Let’s now head towards La Cité du Vin, on the other side of the Garonne. After crossing the building’s gardens, you will find yourself in the Bassins à Flots (wet docks) district. Keep your eyes open: you might spot traces of its harbour and industrial past. There’s something to delight your ears too! The Bordeaux Heritage Department has composed an original soundtrack featuring both the former and current inhabitants. Just download the leaflet with a map and QR codes that give access to the audio stories. It’s free!


4:30 pm - Maritime History Museum of Bordeaux

Continue your discovery of the history of Bordeaux and its river by visiting this museum located in the Chartrons district. Filled with collections belonging to Bordeaux families, the Museum houses a series of engravings, models, navigation instruments, and other original documents. An excellent way to discover the maritime, port and river history of the Port of the Moon. The association Histoire de Voir sometimes offers guided tours for children (in the form of quizzes and small games). 


6:00 pm - Skate along the Garonne River

To stretch your legs, head back towards the quays. In the softness of the late afternoon, this is where the people of Bordeaux like to stroll around. This area is also the favourite haunt of skating enthusiasts who regularly meet up on the embankment or in the skate-park facing the Chartrons district. A few metres further, you’ll find swings and slides. Relax and enjoy the view of the city while the kids play. 




7:00 pm / 8:00 pm - Enjoy a bike ride along the banks of the Garonne at sunset

Why not catch a V3 at the skate park? Walk along the quayside to choose a restaurant in the St Michel district. In the Middle Ages, when boats used to moor there to unload their holds, this neighbourhood was the favourite haunt of sailors, trade guilds, and craftsmen. Delight your tastebuds with small snacks and excellent cocktails in the relaxed atmosphere of The Palo Alto or La Tencha. To get a taste of traditional South-Western dishes, book your table at La Tupina or La Petite Monnaie, you won't be disappointed.


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