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Bars and places to watch the games in Bordeaux

Our top places to watch sports matches in Bordeaux. Friendly venues and bars with big screens where you can enjoy the action in a great atmosphere!

Les Halles de Bacalan

Opposite the Cité du Vin, the Halles de Bacalan has quickly become an essential part of Bordeaux's gastronomy. This market, where you can eat in or take away, brings together around twenty producers, craftsmen and regional chefs in a lively and friendly place of over 1000 m². On match nights, the screens are lit up and the central bar is in full swing. Welcome to the kingdom of food lovers!

  • 15 Quai du Maroc, 33300 Bordeaux
  • 05 35 54 44 82
Voir la coupe du monde de rugby aux halles de bacalan
© Les Halles de Bacalan

The Boca Food Court

Another hall, another atmosphere. The Boca Food Court is located in the south of the city, on the Quai de Paludate and offers an XXL space with large tables to share a drink, a dish or a passion for sport! Just like a food court, everyone can choose from 11 restaurants serving local and international cuisine, a wine shop, a cocktail bar or a beer wall and enjoy an evening in complete conviviality.
This is where football and rugby fans meet on match nights (UBB, 6 nations tournament, champions league and of course the rugby world cup) to enjoy an electric atmosphere!

  • 208 Quai de Paludate, 33800 Bordeaux
la halle boca bordeaux
© Pierre Planchenault

Le Connemara

In this emblematic Irish pub in Bordeaux, beer flows freely, especially on match nights. Football and rugby fans love to meet there for its choice of dark or light beers, its burgers, fish and chips, but above all for its typical pub atmosphere. And if there's no match, there's sure to be a karaoke night or a concert to spend an Irish evening in the city center.

  • 18 Cr d'Albret, 33000 Bordeaux
  • 05 56 52 82 57
Voir la coupe du monde de rugby au Connemara
© Connemara

The Club House UBB

Welcome to the home of the Union Bordeaux Bègles, open every day to the fervent supporters of the oval ball. Located on the quayside, in the Bord'eau village, this hybrid place brings together under one roof the official UBB shop and a restaurant/bar/bodega referring to the famous 3rd half-time of the rugbymen. On the different screens, matches are running on a loop and the atmosphere is certainly warm and festive!

  • Hangar 16 - Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux
  • 05 57 22 67 42
où regarder les matchs de rugby à Bordeaux

The Frog and Rosbif

This English pub has a superb architecture, in place of a former women's prison, the Frog&Rosbif brews its own beers in a traditional way.
Besides its excellent choice of beer, this pub is above all known for its crazy atmosphere on match nights.

  • 23 Rue Ausone, 33000 Bordeaux
regarder la coupe du monde de rugby chez Frog&Rosbif à Bordeaux
© Frog&Rosbif

The Grande Poste

A far cry from the dark atmosphere of a pub, the Grande Poste offers a luminous space highlighted by a magnificent art deco dome.
An improbable space that hosts all sorts of shows as well as exhibitions, shops for young designers, restaurant, bar and lounges.
Even if the place is classy, the atmosphere is still warm and festive. Like all the other matches, those of the Rugby World Cup will be broadcast under the dome and this promises crazy evenings!

  • 7 rue du Palais Gallien - 33000 Bordeaux
  • 05 56 01 53 90
Voir la coupe du monde de rugby à La Grande Poste Espace Improbable à Bordeaux
© La Grande Poste

The Red Lion

Head for the right bank, to enjoy a British-style evening a few meters from the stone bridge. Present in more than 17 cities in France, this English pub offers a wide range of traditional beers and English ciders, cold and hot drinks, and because we are in Bordeaux, a small selection of local wines.
Many of the matches are broadcast live, all disciplines included, and if it's during Happy Hour it's even better!

  • 18 Av. Thiers, 33100 Bordeaux
  • 05 56 32 86 51
regarder la coupe du monde de rugby au Red Lion à Bordeaux
© The Red Lion

Le Sherlock Holmes

Last but not least in the series of English pubs, the Sherlock Holmes offers traditional English beers in a setting straight out of a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle book. As soon as you walk through the door, you are transported to the UK and their staff will take your order in English.
On match nights, the atmosphere is great and the beer, which comes straight from their Bedfordshire brewery, is particularly popular!
During half-time, there's nothing to stop you playing a game of darts or a board game, because at Sherlock Holmes, there's no such thing as being bored.

  • 16 Rue Judaïque 33000 Bordeaux
  • 05 56 48 51 22
regarder la coupe du monde de rugby au pub Sherlock Homes à Bordeaux
© Sherlock Homes

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