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Our favourite wine bars

A place to meet up with your friends, the ideal setting for your romantic evening, or a haven of hedonistic pleasures… Choose the wine bar that best suits your desires. From chic to no-fuss wine bars, wine always enjoys pride of place. With all the savoury side-dishes to nibble on, of course. Discover our selection of wine bars in Bordeaux. Welcome to Bacchus’ banquet.

TUTIAC, the Winegrowers' Bistro

After the wine bar of the castle, here is the one of a winegrowers' cooperative of the Blayais. The Vignerons de Tutiac opened this friendly and relaxed wine bar at the end of 2018, where you can feel at ease, even as a complete novice. The cooperative, which groups together 15 Bordeaux appellations, presents the wines not by châteaux but according to their tastes: fruity, mineral, full-bodied... Another way of approaching wine served in glasses from 3€. Every Saturday, winegrowers are present to meet consumers and talk about their work. The bar also sells wine to take away.

wine bar Bordeaux
© Tutiac wine bar


  • TUTIAC, le Bistro Vignerons, 
  • 10 Place du Palais, Bordeaux, 
  • (+33) 05 57 88 22 42 

Au Bon JaJa

Self-described as a refreshment bar and bistro, this wine bar is recognisable by its pink neon sign that immediately sets the tone. Inside “Au Bon Jaja”,  the atmosphere is good-natured and friendly. Here, the owner doesn’t beat about the bush to serve quality wines, be they natural, organic, or biodynamic. Arnaud has carefully selected wines from Bordeaux, but especially from the Loire and Burgundy regions and is never short of anecdotes on the bottles that adorn the shelves. To earn your right to taste wine, you will have to eat, which is not insurmountable when you look at the menu. Fried organic eggs with grated truffle, herring with potatoes and olive oil, and creamy “galabart” pudding can be enjoyed in good company, “with a good bottle from under the counter”!

©Au bon Jaja
©Au bon Jaja


  • Au Bon JaJa, 
  • 4 Cours d'Alsace-et-Lorraine, Bordeaux
  • (+33) 07 68 40 35 06 

Le Bar à Vin

Soberly named “Le Bar à Vin” (The Wine Bar), this wine bar is all but ordinary. As you enter on the ground floor of the Maison du Vin de Bordeaux, you’ll be stunned by the magnificent interiors. Established in an 18th-century building opposite the Grand Théâtre, this wine bar has been entirely renovated by architect Françoise Bousquet. Exuding an elegant and intimate atmosphere, the bar features contemporary furniture, as well as a beautiful tapestry by Marc Saint-Saëns on the theme of the vine. The wine list, frequently renewed, is entirely dedicated to Bordeaux wine and its many appellations. The sommeliers will gladly guide you in your choice by asking you a few questions to know your tastes. Wines are served by the glass only. 



    • Le Bar à Vin, 
    • 3 Cours du 30 Juillet, Bordeaux, 
    • (+33) 05 56 00 43 47 

    Le Bar à Vin du CIVB

    Vins Urbains

    Despite its relatively small size, Vins Urbains offers a wide selection of 500 mainly French wines, 30% of which come from the Bordeaux region. Leaning against the zinc counter or seated in the vaulted room downstairs, you can also choose from a selection of about fifteen wines by the glass, which changes every week. The staff is never short of generous, expert advice. Don’t miss the croque-monsieur with white truffle, a favourite among the snacks offered to accompany the drinks.


    • Vins urbains, 
    • 27 Rue des Bahutiers, Bordeaux, 
    • (+33) 09 52 19 09 37

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    Vins Urbains in Bordeaux © Vins Urbains
    © Vins Urbains

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