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Bordeaux's Must-See Auditoriums

For dance, theatre, opera..., Bordeaux and its surrounding metropolitan area offer challenging, popular and often historical theatres. The programming is varied but each venue has its own specificities. For a little tour... follow the usher.


For a theatrical outing: The National Theatre of Bordeaux in Aquitaine (TNBA)

Since 1990, three theatres and four rehearsal studios have made the TNBA a nationally renowned centre for drama. Its dynamic and popular program is geared towards creating a warm and accessible environment for as many as possible. The many contemporary classics, original creations, and openness to local troupes mark a theatre where one can truly enjoy oneself.

TNBA ©Steve Le Clech Photos
©Steve Le Clech Photos


  • 3 Place Pierre Renaudel, 33800 Bordeaux
  • 05 56 33 36 80
  • tnba.org


For an opera evening: the Grand Theatre

Though today the city’s exclusive opera house, for Bordeaux locals this space remains the "Grand Theatre." And grand, it is: from the time it was built and for almost a century after, the Grand Theatre was the largest theatre in the world. Large, but with impeccable acoustics thanks to the wooden structure that surrounds it. In short, the architect Victor Louis left a masterpiece. Opera, ballet, symphony orchestra, but also cinema concerts and electro-jazz… the performances are just as exciting as the architecture. 


Grand Théâtre



For a classical music concert:  the Auditorium

In 2013, the Auditorium opened its doors in this confined space after architect Michel Pétuaud-Létang imaginatively designed a 1440-seat hall in which no seat was more than 20 meters from the orchestra. Home to the largest orchestra pit in Europe, the musical possibilities are endless here and the acoustics exceptional. With classical, contemporary and occasional jazz performances, the Auditorium reaches audiences of experts and newcomers alike.  

©Gaëlle Hamalian



To listen to world music: the Rocher de Palmer

The Rocher's program goes far beyond world music, though the genre is its backbone. Created in 2010, the space designed by architect Bernard Tschumi has three rooms. With up to three concerts a day, you can find plenty to awaken the senses, and all from above: the Rock sits at the top of one of the parks overlooks Bordeaux…  With a cutting edge line-up, not to mention big names, this concert hall will delight all audiences!

Rocher de Palmer
©Anne-Laure Boyer



For big names: the Arena

Bordeaux was for a long time the largest city without an adequate stadium for concerts. The Arkea Arena has nicely filled this gap since January 2018, and is an enormous modular disk in Floirac, which can hold between 2500 to 11300 seats in twenty different configurations. Sting,  Guns'n'Roses,  Depeche Mode or Shakira: the biggest stars now stop by Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Métropole Arena ©Céline Faure
©Céline Faure


For an eclectic program:  Le Pin Galant

This Mérignac hall is one of the largest in the region (1410 seats). Its speciality? That it doesn’t have one. Music, dance, theatre, classical, circus, the program includes everything, with a predilection for well-known names, shows that have worked well in Paris, big hits from the Avignon festival, and big international tours. In short, big stuff for the regularly sold-out auditorium

Pin Galant
©Pin Galant


  • 34 Avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 33700 Mérignac
  • 05 56 97 82 82
  • lepingalant.com


For a contemporary dance show:  La Manufacture

Scrawled across the building front: Shoe Factory, which is what this space was before its conversion to renowned performance hall. Following a highly contemporary theatre, it is now a centre of national choreographic development whose programming meets the specifications of the genre: creations, novelties, audacity. All in a space that, while keeping the purely functional architecture of its former life, allows for performances in all shapes and sizes. 


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