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Clubs, DJ sets, and dancefloors in Bordeaux

From the prestigious Triangle d’Or (Golden Triangle) quarter to the Quais de Paludate, from the Bassins à Flot to the Saint-Pierre district: night owls and partygoers have a wide choice of places to meet and dance until the early hours of the morning. Clubs, nightclubs, electronic DJ sets, 80’s atmosphere or lounge bar: there's something for everyone!


Clubs and nightclubs in Bordeaux: all you need to know

Nicknamed the sleeping beauty, Bordeaux has the reputation of being a calm city. Yet its nightlife has always been restless! The Quais de Paludate is the historic headquarters of the city’s nightclubs attracting young partygoers. In Bacalan and the Bassins à Flot districts, the party often goes on well after 2 am. Still imbued by the legacy of Bordeaux’s avant-garde rock scene in the 80s, the city centre exudes an underground spirit. While the clubs situated downtown welcome night owls of all ages and styles, you’ll find the trendier clubs in the Golden Triangle quarter. Bordeaux’s historic centre is home to a myriad of venues, bound to please all styles and tastes: Rock, Latino, LGBT-friendly, or 80’s music vibes. As for Bordeaux’s vibrant electronic music scene, renowned collectives and DJs regularly host ephemeral venues all over the city.

The haunt of electronica: Iboat

The line-up of this former ferry boat offers something for everyone. The man responsible for curating the music is Florian Levrey, renowned for his finely-crafted electronic seasons. Super Daronne, L’Orangeade, Canal 113: from Iboat to Darwin, follow the artists and electronic music collectives of the FIMEB  to immerse yourself in Bordeaux’s vibrant electronic scene. 


Iboat’s restless neighbour: La Dame

Veterans know this place by its former name: “de Shanghai”. Come club to the sounds of local headliners or guest DJs in the holds of this black and red barge.

©La Dame

A typical nightclub: Le Monseigneur

Some call it “Dad’s nightclub”. In a warm-hearted atmosphere, this club welcomes nighthawks from Wednesday to Saturday until 7 am. In a different ambience, the Theatro hosts parties where over thirty-year-olds have priority.

Le Monseigneur
©Le Monseigneur


The techno revival: Hangar FL

Established on the right bank in place of the former “Space Opera”, this warehouse dedicated to amplified music welcomes acid, techno, and hardcore music aficionados. Here, local underground collectives enjoy pride of place. The creative director, Davy Torres, is also the artistic director of L’Entrepôt, on the side of the river.  

Hangar FL
©Anamorfilm - Hangar FL


The “guinguette” spirit: Chez Alriq

Not exactly a club, this laid-back “guinguette” (dance hall) is situated on the right bank. During the summer season, it regularly hosts open-air dances, until late at night. 

©Nicolas Duffaure
©Nicolas Duffaure


In the heart of the Golden Triangle: the Black Diamond

Situated right under the prestigious Grand-Hôtel, this small club is known for its soul and electronic music ambience crafted by talented resident DJs. Those who didn’t manage to enter the Black Diamond can try their luck at Le Cercle, its trendy and no less popular neighbour.

Black Diamond
©Black Diamond

So queer: the queer dances of the Salle des Fêtes du Grand Parc

Held every year in November, the queer dances are organised by La Bordelle, a festive militant association whose goal is to showcase queer artists through various events. The Salle des Fêtes du Grand Parc, the Mecca of 80’s rock music in Bordeaux, also organises various dances all year round. 

LGBT-friendly: the Ultra-Klubs

This club is one of the many bars and nightclubs proudly displaying the rainbow flag at their entrance. 


In lounge mode: L’Opale

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, this trendy club welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere, in the heart of the Chartrons quarter. 

Hot vibes: the Calle Ocho

Though it closes a little earlier, this Latino club is a local favourite. You’ll only be deemed a real Bordeaux partygoer when you happen to spill your mojito on your neighbour while improvising a salsa. For more than 20 years, an eclectic clientele comes to enjoy the warm-hearted Cuban atmosphere of Calle Ocho. Just as hot and lively, La Pachanga will delight ragga/dance-hall lovers. For bachata classes: head for La Tencha!

Ode to the great outdoors: The Base

2000 sqm, themed rooms and in-house shows: this former motorcycle garage is nothing short of spectacular!

The Base
©The Base 


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