Bordeaux delicacies  

You can't visit Bordeaux without tasting the sweet local delicacies that have delighted gourmets for several centuries: cannelés. These little cakes with their crunchy coating and soft centres are made from dough consisting of flour, milk, eggs, sugar and butter, scented with rum and vanilla. You can find them in almost every bakery and pastry shop in the city. Be sure to choose them nicely tanned!


Macaroons are also very popular delicacies in Bordeaux. Although not strictly invented in Bordeaux – other cities lay claim to that honour – no one disputes the fact that local pastry chefs are past masters in the art of making them. And if you visit Saint-Émilion during your stay in the Gironde department, bear in mind that they make a different type of macaroon there, one that is more traditional but every bit as delicious as those made in Bordeaux.

Chocolate lovers will also be delighted by the many local artisans. To be sure of good quality, check that they are really made on the spot (or in a workshop in the region) and that the shop is not just reselling them. And don't hesitate to taste the famous Dunes Blanches from Cap-Ferret, Sarments and Noisettines from the Médoc, Praslines from Blaye and the delicious Croquants de l’Estuaire.