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Pierre Planchenault
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Cannele and Bordeaux delicacies

Bordeaux, the cradle of prestigious wines, is also the capital of an emblematic pastry: the canelé. Crunchy and golden on the outside, soft and fragrant on the inside, these little morsels are the sweet jewel of the region. In this short journey, we'll be exploring the secrets of canelés and discovering other delicacies for which Bordeaux is famous. Get ready to savour, in a few words, the very essence of Bordeaux tradition.

The Cannelé, emblem of Bordeaux

As you stroll through the streets of Bordeaux, let yourself be seduced by the city's sweet speciality: the cannelé (sometimes spelt canelé). A true symbol of Bordeaux savoir-faire, this delicacy is distinguished by its caramelised crust and soft centre. Made from simple ingredients - flour, milk, eggs, sugar and butter - and enhanced by the aromas of rum and vanilla, the canelé is a culinary experience not to be missed. Look out for patisseries where the canelés have a perfect golden hue - an unmistakable sign of their authenticity and freshness.

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The Bordeaux Macaroon

Bordeaux also seduces the palate with its exquisite version of the macaroon, the little French meringue that is crunchy on the outside and melt-in-the-mouth on the inside. Although other cities compete for the origin of this delicacy, Bordeaux's craftsmen make it with remarkable mastery, demonstrating their pastry-making expertise. And if you make your way to picturesque Saint-Émilion, be sure to sample its unique macaron: more rustic, it is faithful to tradition and rivals its city cousin in flavour.

Sophie Duboscq
©Sophie Duboscq

Specialities around Bordeaux

Bordeaux's gourmet escapades don't stop at the city gates; you're invited to take a sweet journey through the whole department. Don't leave without trying the :

  • Dunes blanches from the Cap-Ferret, little aerial marvels that evoke the softness of clouds and the fine sand of the Atlantic coast. Their slightly crunchy shell gives way to a heart of whipped cream that melts in your mouth, a real caress for the senses.
  • Sarments from the Médoc, inspired by the region's prestigious vineyards. These fine, twisted chocolate sticks, often embellished with bursts of fruit or spicy notes, evoke the vines of the vines in winter and offer a texture and taste that will delight cocoa lovers.
  • Noisettines from the Médoc, crunchy and generously topped with caramel, offer a taste experience where the sweetness of hazelnuts meets the roundness of sugar cooked to perfection. It's a tribute to the simplicity and richness of local produce.
  • Praslines from the Blaye, almonds coated in a crunchy layer of caramelised sugar, the recipe for which dates back several centuries. They're a little piece of history to savour, a testament to the region's sweet refinement.
  • Croquants de l'Estuaire, golden, crisp almond biscuits, perfect with a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet local wine. Their texture and authentic flavour reflect a pastry-making craft that has stood the test of time.

Each bite of these regional specialities is a journey in itself, a tour of culinary discovery that celebrates the heritage and innovation of the Gironde. The rich flavours of these sweets reflect the diversity and generosity of the region: infinitely seductive and always ready to be rediscovered.


©Steve Le Clech Photos
©Steve Le Clech Photos

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