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  • La Cité du Vin (entry before 12 pm)
  • Unlimited access to public transport
  • 20 museums and monuments
  • City tours
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CITYPASS 24H (29,00€)
CITYPASS 48H 39,00€ (36,00€)
CITYPASS WEB 72H 46,00€ (42,00€)

Bordeaux on a shoestring

No need to spend a fortune to enjoy the sights in Bordeaux! Just hop on one of the many trams that crisscross the city, take a BatCub cruise along the Garonne (tickets valid for one hour) or rent a Vcub (€1 for 24 hours), but don't forget to change every half-hour (free of charge). And if you're looking for entertainment, don't miss the first show (reduced rates) of the day in the Utopia cinema, take a trip to the sports park at Saint-Michel in summer (free) or avail of the Culture kiosk's reduced-price tickets for the evening's shows. Bordeaux on a shoestring? Step this way…