Relaxing in parks and gardens  

Bordeaux has ten parks and gardens that add a much-appreciated touch of greenery to the city's lovely stone buildings.


Located in the heart of town, the Jardin Public's lovely expanse of lawn is popular with families. It is also a romantic setting much appreciated by lovers. The hubbub of the city is just a faint background noise in this haven of tranquillity with majestic trees, a small lake, ducks and swans, etc. Time seems to stand still here. 

The Parc Bordelais is a must for joggers. People of all ages enjoy a relaxed stroll around this 28-hectare "green lung" located somewhat far from the city centre. The park also has a zoo, a small train, and children's games.

Less well known, the Parc Rivière was once the vast garden of a large town house on rue Mandron. It has a gardener's house and is very nature-oriented with small plant and vegetable patches.

Above and beyond the riverbank with its wild appearance, the other side of the river also has a Botanical Garden featuring a wonderful variety of plants and trees. The visit ends with a walk through greenhouses, and there are numerous guided tours.