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Sound capsules - Explore the traces of wine in the city

Why not set off on a hunt for traces of wine around Bordeaux? During a history, fun and flavour-filled two-hour walk (approximately), travel across the city from the Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB) to the Cité du Vin, finding out along the way how wine production and the wine trade have shaped the city known as ‘The Port of the Moon’ for centuries. You can find the map at the Tourist Office or use the online version on our website. 

Designed to be listened to in situ, these 4 audio clips complement the 25 stages on the wine trail "Exploring the traces of wine in the city". The map is available at the Bordeaux Tourist Office and on 

Delve into the history of the 19th century port, enter a merchant’s residence or learn from wine producers about how they’re transitioning to ecological practices through their fascinating accounts. Headphones on, enjoy! The Sound capsules are produced by Akken.

Podcast 1 - Intro

We set off to explore the visible and sometimes less apparent traces of the city's winegrowing soul. This first clip sets the scene for your immersion in the history of wine, from Roman times to the present day, via the arrival of the first merchants and the flourishing maritime trade in the early 19th century. Ready? Let’s go!

Podcast 2 - Rue raze

At 21 Rue Raze, look up to admire the decorated façade, but above all: listen carefully! Join a Scottish merchant, his son and a wine broker at the table, as you are plunged into the middle of the 18th century. Learn about the secrets of the wine trade, meet some historic families and, last but not least, enjoy a glass of "new French claret". 

Podcast 3 - Quays of the Garonne River

In 1806, Pierre Lacour completed his painting entitled "View of part of the port and quays of Bordeaux known as Chartrons and Bacalan". And what if we were to dive into this hustle and bustle on the earthy slopes of the river banks when the port was in full swing? The bourgeoisie stroll around, the merchants keep a watchful eye on the comings and goings of the barges on the river... And then we take to the open sea, crossing the Gironde estuary to head for the Cordouan lighthouse.

Podcast 4 - Winemakers

What are the big issues in winegrowing today? Nea Berglund (Château Carsin in Rions) and Pierre Cazeneuve (Château Paloumey in Ludon-Médoc) give us some answers as they recount their conversion to organic agriculture. Listen to these fascinating accounts as you stand before the bold architecture of the Cité du Vin, to gain a better understanding of the challenges that face tomorrow’s winegrowers.

Follow the route with your smartphone

Sculpted details, cobbled streets, trellised vineyards... each stage of this route reveals the sometimes unsuspected winegrowing soul of the town. Winegrower? Yes, because the vines have been cultivated here and the wines have been made. So pay attention, look up and let yourself be carried away by this love story between Bordeaux and wine. And if you feel like it, take a tasting break at one of the many addresses listed on your map. Wine merchants and wine bars welcome you to share with you the history of wine today.

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