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De Grimm

Discover DE GRIMM, the embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship in luxury leather goods, anchored in the rich Bordeaux tradition since 1945. Our creations, emanations of beauty and excellence, are the fruit of a passionate family heritage, proudly passed down through four generations. DE GRIMM symbolizes a unique lifestyle, of epicureanism and good taste, exclusively available in the heart of Bordeaux and on our website, highlighting the uniqueness and singularity of our brand.

At 4 rue Michel Montaigne, our store reveals itself as more than just a sales point; it is a bright and airy space, where each item tells a vibrant story. The family-friendly and warm welcome is ideal for showcasing our artisanal craftsmanship. At DE GRIMM, every bag, accessory, and wine article is a celebration of elegance, a symbol of the rich culture and epicurean spirit of our internationally renowned city. From the moment you enter, the gentle scent of quality leather envelops visitors, promising a most pleasant sensory experience.

Our values – tradition, hedonism, esteem – enrich each of our products, offering much more than just a luxury item: a true experience, a rite of passage, a part of our Bordeaux heritage. DE GRIMM invites you to embrace a life where beauty, quality, and authenticity are priorities, where every act of creation is a gesture of passion and precision.

To live the DE GRIMM experience is to adopt a lifestyle where excellence and refinement define every moment. DE GRIMM is an essential destination for those seeking authenticity in luxury leather goods, with a touch of exclusivity that distinguishes our creations.

Sustainable approach

De Grimm has been awarded the Eco-Défis 2022 label. The label recognises companies that implement concrete actions in favour of the environment in seven areas: waste, packaging, energy, transport, water, products and socially sustainable.

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De Grimm
4 Rue Michel Montaigne

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