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Cap Sciences
Hangar 20

Tramway : Station Bassin à Flot (tram ligne B) to 0,3 km
Bordeaux-Lac - Bacalan

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Exhibition "Luminopolis" - Cap Sciences Bordeaux

  • From 03/06/2017 until 02/09/2018


Theme : Science and technology


Luminopolis is a city of knowledge that contains everything there is to know about light. It is a true "Escape Game", you can enter the city, but you can only leave it once you have proven that you are curious enough to understand its mechanisms.

What is light? How does it give rhythm to our lives? How do we share it? Alone or as part of a team, you have a series of puzzles to resolve to unlock the door to exit the city of light. Tick tock Tick tock…time is running out and you’ll have to race against the clock !

Will you be able to get out in time? Take on the challenge in Luminopolis!

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Key information

Open days

  • From 03/06/2017 until 02/09/2018


  • Cap Sciences
    Hangar 20
  • 33000 BORDEAUX

  • Bordeaux-Lac - Bacalan


  • +33 5 56 01 07 07

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