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Base sous marine
Boulevard Alfred Daney / Bassin à flot

Tramway : Tram B - station La Cité du Vin to 0,9 km
Bordeaux Bassins à flot - Bacalan

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Exhibition "LEGENDES URBAINES" - Base sous-marine Bordeaux

  • From 21/06/2018 until 16/09/2018


Theme : Creative arts/plastic arts

  • Phone : +33 5 56 11 11 50


As part of the 3rd Street Art Season organized by the City of Bordeaux, the Underwater Base welcomes, from June 21 to September 16, 2018, the exhibition Urban Legends, more than 50 artists from the urban scene.

For several decades, art has appropriated the largest museum in the world: the street. Between incarnation of the freedom of expression and societal awareness, the public space is made up of a supplement of soul, the urban furniture is transformed into artistic object shifted. If its legitimacy has spread through the pen of journalists and within museums, urban art is born in the street. Many artists are investing in this new territory and its modes of expression, thus contributing to its inclusion in the history of art.
[Shepard Fairey - Make Art Not War- 2015]

Urban Legends is an invitation to discover this protean urban universe from the 80s to today. On this occasion, the exhibition was entrusted to Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, Director of ICART (School of Management of Culture and the Art Market) and Founding President of Artistik Rezo (Paris) and Pierre Lecaroz, Founding President of the Magnetic Pole Association (Bordeaux).

"Investing the underwater base of Bordeaux is a form of consecration for urban art. This place steeped in history will be an exceptional showcase for artists" said Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, curator.

"From the street to the base, this nuancier of pictorial worlds and techniques conjures the viewer's gaze to travel and reverie, sublimating the time of an exhibition, this mineral vestige, testimony of our common history" said Pierre Lecaroz, curator.

Drawing on works by renowned artists such as Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Jacques Villeglé, Invader, Jonone, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, JR, Roti and Pantonio, and in situ installations by iconic and emerging artists such as Aerosept, ARDPG, Bault, Stéphane Carricondo, Erell, Charles Foussard, GrisOne, Madame, MonkeyBird, Nasti, Andrea Ravo Mattoni, Red and Romain Froquet, this collective exhibition explores the vivacity and richness of the movement.

A carte blanche entrusted to the “9th Concept” will enrich the exhibition of interactive and entertaining installations.

This exhibition will be punctuated by different events:
• Virtual reality workshops,
• Film projection cycle at the cinema Utopia,
• Artistic performances in the city.


Key information

Open days

  • From 21/06/2018 until 16/09/2018


  • Base sous marine
    Boulevard Alfred Daney / Bassin à flot
  • 33100 BORDEAUX

  • Bordeaux Bassins à flot - Bacalan


  • +33 5 56 11 11 50

Accessible to disabled people

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