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Sophie Duboscq
© Sophie Duboscq

Bordeaux’s prettiest parks and gardens

The Bordeaux metropolitan area is home to many parks and gardens, spaces in which you can escape the urban traffic for a while. Some merit a visit for their remarkable beauty and unique landscapes. Here is a selection of the prettiest parks in Bordeaux.

Public Gardens

For almost 300 years, Bordeaux residents have been wandering along the pathways of this irresistibly charming garden. Created in 1746, the Public Gardens have the advantage of being right in the heart of Bordeaux. The arboretum, unique hotel fronts lining the park, original wrought iron fences, and statues amongst the walkways all contribute to the beauty of this spot, ranked one of France’s “ Remarkable Gardens.” 

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how to get there ?

  • Adress : Cours de Verdun, 33000 Bordeaux 


parcs et jardins remarquables - jardin public de Bordeaux
© Teddy Verneuil @Lezbroz

Bordeaux Park

The largest green space in the city, Bordeaux Park is the ideal spot for a long, greenery-filled walk and only several stops on the tramway from the city center. 28 hectares make up the area, a real bit of countryside in the city: a little forest, large lake, and animals native to the region allow one to forget the urban traffic outside. 

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Parc Bordelais

how to get there ?

  • Adress : rue du bocage, 33000 Bordeaux 


Parcs et jardins remarquables - parc bordelais à Bordeaux
© David Remazeilles

Bourran Park

A bit far from Bordeaux’s city center, this park merits the detour. The botanical reserve covers 18 hectares and is filled with trees from around the world. Swans and ducks paddle about the various ponds and the Bourran chateau, deemed a historical monument, overlooks the park, and contributes to its beauty. 

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  • Adress : Parc Bourran, 33700 Mérignac


Parcs et jardins remarquables Bordeaux - Parc de Bourran
© Ville de Mérignac

Rivière Park

Located on property once belonging to Baron de Luze, the Rivière Park has undeniable charm, in large part thanks to woodlands lining the castle. Here, old stables have been renovated into the “House of the Gardner” which houses a weaving factory, documentation space, and exhibitions for lovers of gardening. A 75m2 greenhouse adjoins the remarkable structure.

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Riviere's park

how to get there ?

  • Adress : Rue Mandron, 33000 Bordeaux


Parcs et jardins remarquables Bordeaux - Parc Rivière
© Laurent Robert

Ermitage Park

Overlooking the Port de la Lune, this Lormont-based park offers a unique view of Bordeaux. Home to rare plant species and remarkable fauna and flora, the Ermitage, carved out of the Garonne fault, is also a geological treasure. A lake at the foot of the park provides refuge for herons, egrets, and frogs and the park’s natural twists and turns make it the perfect spot to get lost in nature.

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Parc de l'Ermitage Sainte-Catherine

how to get there ?

  • Adress : Parc de l'Ermitage Sainte-Catherine, 33310 Lormont


Parcs et jardins remarquables Bordeaux - parc de l'Ermitage
© Pierre Planchenault

On Bordeaux’s right bank…

Don’t hesitate to walk along the Garonne in Angéliques Park, a unique space that lines the river from bridge to bridge and allows one to admire the beautiful buildings on Bordeaux’s opposite bank. Afterwards, loop back to the Botanical Gardens across the street. This unique park, with its giant stones and rich vegetation, merits the detour. Finally, just several stops on the tramway from Pont de Pierre, Cenon’s Palmer Park stretches for 25 hectares and provides a remarkable view of Port de la Lune from above.

parc palmer à Cenon près de Bordeaux
© Pierre Planchenault
parc aux angéliques à Bordeaux
© Nicolas Duffaure
parcs et jardins à Bordeaux - jardin Botanique
© Sara Soulignac
parc palmer à Cenon près de Bordeaux
© Pierre Planchenault
parc palmer à Bordeaux
© Pierre Planchenault

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