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Darwin / Caserne Niel


DARWIN is an alternative place in Bordeaux dedicated to responsible economic development, social entrepreneurship, ecological transition and citizen activism.

Darwin is a full-scale innovation crucible in the forefront of this movement. This 20,000m2 former military barracks on Quai des Queyries on the right bank is constantly bubbling with activity. It acts as a green economy hub, featuring an urban farm, an XXL skatepark, free expression spaces for graffiti artists, an organic grocery, Le Magasin Général restaurant, co-working spaces, a bike-polo field, and a wellness centre (Le Bivouac), with a charming "found" décor.


Sustainable approach

Philippe Barre, DARWIN’s founder, testifies: “DARWIN is a third place. It is very big and very popular, and is an exceptional oasis for economic cooperation, ecological transition and it offers citizens’ alternatives right at the heart of the city. For 10 years, DARWIN has been working and coordinating a global plan: an economic, social and cultural project gravitating around the ecological transition within Caserne Niel, on the right bank of Bordeaux. DARWIN embodies positive and fertile answers to contemporary urban challenges by a maintaining a more resilient and fraternal city. DARWIN is an incubator; it develops and supports human and urban projects of high quality. DARWIN is nowadays jeopardised by the juggernaut of real estate promotion strategies which are obsolete and harmful.
DARWIN is certified ECOCERT.

Services, facilities, & comfort

  • Bar
  • Games area
  • Restaurant

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Darwin / Caserne Niel
87 quai des Queyries