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  • La Cité du Vin (entry before 12 pm)
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  • 20 museums and monuments
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CITYPASS 24H (29,00€)
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CITYPASS WEB 72H 46,00€ (42,00€)

Tasting class

There are not actually many rows of vines or barrels full of wine in the city centre... However, wine is everywhere, starting in cellars in the Chartrons that have been transformed into restaurants, art galleries, museums, wine schools, etc. And you can also find a wide selection – from affordable "petits Bordeaux" to great growths by the glass – to sample at wine bars all over town. These wine bars list their selection on blackboards, or else store the wines in oenomatique-type machines that keep wine served by the glass fresh. Clients dispense what they want with a smart card. In both instances, the staff will be glad to advise you and serve dishes of delicious bordelais appetisers and tapas.