Cycle routes  

Bordeaux is crossed by major cycle routes leading west to the Atlantic Ocean or leading south-east towards Toulouse, alongside the Garonne river canal. Discover and choose between different bike rides starting from Bordeaux: Bordeaux-Lacanau or Roger Lapébie cycling paths for 1 or 2 day long trips or the Canal des 2 Mers and Vélodyssée for adventurers.  




The Canal des 2 mers

850 kilometers; from Royan (Atlantic coast) to Sète (Méediterranean sea)

Photo credit: Jöel Damase

Canal des deux Mers © Jöel Damase

The Canal des Deux Mers is a charming cycling route linking the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea. It starts at Royan and goes along the Gironde estuary to Bordeaux. Then the itinerary continues alongside the Canal de Garonne to the city of Toulouse, known as the “pink city” because of the colour of its buildings. Then, you will cycle along beside the Canal du midi to reach eventually the Mediterranean sea at Sète.

Canal des 2 mers website


La Vélodyssée

1 200 kilometers; from Roscoff (Brittany) to Hendaye (Basque Country)

Photo credit: Jöel Damase


La Vélodyssée is the french section of Euro Vélo 1 (european cycling path linking Norway to Portugal). This major bike track crosses Brittany from Roscoff and follows the Atlantic coast to Hendaye (Basque country). Covering 1,200 kilometers, the Vélodyssée is the longest waymarked cycle trail in France.

To reach this itinerary from Bordeaux, follow first the Bordeaux-Lacanau cycling path (50 km) until the end to reach this path. Velodyssée website


La Scandibérique

1 600 kilometers; from Namur (Belgium) to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (Pyrénées)

[Under construction]

La Scandibérique is the french section of Euro Vélo 3 (“Pilgrims route” from Norway to Spain). This cycling path is not finished yet but in the end, it will diagonally cross France, from belgian borders to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, high place of confluence of the St. Jacques de Compostella paths. The itinerary includes unmissable stages such as Paris, tours and Bordeaux.

Covering 1,600 kilometers, La Scandibérique will be the longest cycling route in France.EuroVélo website




50 kilometers; flat trail; from Bordeaux to Lacanau

Photo credit: David Remazeilles-Gironde Tourisme

Bordeaux-Lacanau © David Remazeilles-gironde Tourisme

This cycling path enables you to reach the Atlantic ocean in a secure and lovely manner. After leaving Bordeaux quays, you will be riding through the pine forest before eventually taking advantage of beaches that offers Lacanau-Océan resort. 

France Velo Tourisme website


Roger Lapébie cycling path

54 kilometers; difficulty: low; from Bordeaux to Sauveterre-de-Guyenne

Photo credit: David Remazeilles-Gironde Tourisme


Leaving from Bordeaux city center, Roger Lapébie cycling route continues along a former railway to Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, including a stopover at Créon.

This route invites you to discover many different landscapes: Garonne riverbanks with their “carrelets” (local fishing huts), converted railways stations, charming villages and of course vineyards landscapes.

Canal des 2 Mers website