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The river Garonne by boat

Bordeaux which is a fluvial city, was one of the major 18th century ports of Europe. Bordeaux’s city and its vineyards are rediscovering their river Garonne. The boat is a smart way to discover the city, its vineyards and the river’s estuary.



Just to board a cruise ship on a pier in the heart of the city, down the river towards the estuary.

You will follow the sublime façade docks of Bordeaux, pass under the new Jacques Chaban-Delmas’s brige and will head straight for the north bridge, where the Garonne becomes Gironde, where the city gives way to nature and vineyards of Blaye and Medoc, comfortably settled in the fertile river silt.

Depending on your mood, choose the stopovers and the final destination: the estuary’s islands, wild and mysterious or designed by the famous engineer Vauban, the "Bolt of the Estuary" or "Vauban Triptych" located on the Gironde Estuary, the largest in Europe. Built during the reign of Louis XIV, its role was to protect the city of Bordeaux 50 km upstream from enemy attacks. This defence system consisted of three forts: the Citadel of Blaye, Fort Pâté (located on Île Pâté in the middle of the estuary) and Fort Médoc in Cussac-Fort-Médoc. Unique in France, the "Bolt of the Estuary", including the Vauban fortifications, has been a listed World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2008.

Most of these cruises on the Garonne include wine tasting and meal. Take advantage of a musical dinner-cruise!

If you want more information about the vineyards, don’t miss the river cruises led by a local winemaker.

Also, to discover Bordeaux by boat, you have the choice between an "apéritif" cruise or a romantic ballad in Bordeaux with the Bateaux-Mouches.

Our boat tours

The Greater Bordeaux area reserves some wonderful surprises and numerous amazing experiences for you, thanks to its cultural and recreational offerings: gastronomical tours to feast your eyes and palate, or tasting workshops to tempt you into overindulgence! 

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