Tasting Bordeaux wines  

"Drinking wine is drinking genius" wrote Charles Baudelaire. Three senses come into play in wine appreciation. The first stage in wine tasting involves sight, to appreciate its colour.


A sense of smell is indispensable for the second stage. It is an extremely useful sense for understanding wine, as over 700 aromas (floral, fruity, herbaceous, spicy, etc.) have been identified in wines.

Once the wine's appearance and aromas have whetted your appetite, it is time to take a sip and enjoy the sensations as it evolves on your palate.

Wine appreciation is something you need to learn. How can you teach an art that is as subjective and sensual as wine tasting? You need teachers who are involved in wine themselves.

Several wine schools in Bordeaux and the surrounding vineyard areas offer tasting courses with practical and theoretical classes, as well as tastings. You can choose a format to suit your interests and the time you have available. These 2-hour or full-day sessions are designed to help you understand and appreciate the finesse and diversity of Bordeaux wines.

They all pursue the same objective: sharing the pleasure of tasting good wines! Novices, people with some experience, and connoisseurs will all find scope for developing their nose and palate.