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© Cognac Hennesy
© Hennessy
© Cognac Hennesy
© Cognac Hennesy
© Cognac Hennesy

Les visites Hennessy

Vignobles et découvertes

For over two centuries, Hennessy, the world’s leading cognac Maison, has enjoyed international standing from its base on the banks of the Charente, in France. It offers visitors an innovative, rich learning experience that blends history and modernity. An invitation to discover the many sides of the brand.

It was a bold architectural move, employing noble and contemporary materials and an innovative design… The first part of the tour takes place in the Pavilions cellar, where its three distinct spaces reveal the use of exceptional materials and technical sophistication that transport the visitor into the heart of the Hennessy Maison.

Discover a family saga, a tribute to the craftsmanship and to the chain of excellence, a showcasing of the world of Hennessy and the talent it embraces: from creators to artists and designers…
From authenticity to technical proficiency, discover all the sides of this resolutely modern brand.

Practical information

  • Handicap accessible

  • French, German, English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian

Brands & Labels

  • Vignobles et découvertes

Les visites Hennessy
1 Rue de la Richonne
16100 COGNAC