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Take part in an original investigation by slipping into the shoes of detectives ! Our team welcomes you, lends you the necessary equipment, and offers you an original and fun adventure.

A theft has just been committed at the Grand Théâtre and the thief in on the run in the city.

With your team and your road book you will observe the Bordeaux heritage focusing on one goal : unmasking the thief ! Your sense of observation and patience will be your most valuable assets. To spice up the game, some quizzes and puzzles are planned. At the end of this treasure hunt, the teams will be assembled to share clues and reveal the plot.

This is an ideal treasure hunt to discover Bordeaux ! The course is in the historic center and allows you to discover the emblematic monuments of the city. A reward is planned for the winners !

Duration : 2 hours 30 minutes (from the welcome to the end of the activity)
Number of players : from 2 to 30
Included in the offer : loan of the equipement : road book, quiz, pen, city map and various accessories
Important information : Be on time / An animator is present on the course

Sustainable approach

Bordeaux Visite is currently developing a game on global warming with the NACSTI label (Nouvelle-Aquitaine Scientifical, Technical and Industrial Culture).

Practical information

  • French, English

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