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Porte Cailhau

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Imbued with a long history, the Porte Cailhau offers a magnificent view of Bordeaux.

Despite its age (just imagine – it dates from 1494!) this large, beautiful monument remains practically unchanged. It was built to commemorate Charles VIII's victory at Fornovo (Italy). This French king has left his mark on the tower since his likeness decorates a niche on the river side and a notice ask visitors to pay attention to the lintel and reminds them that Charles VIII died from walking quickly into just such a lintel...

What does the word Cailhau mean? No one seems to know for sure! Historians have various theories, but it doesn't really matter!

The Port Cailhau, thirty-five metres tall, was integrated into the city walls. In 1864, it was rented by a public letter writer and a person whose job was to weigh salt. They were both evicted in order to renovate the monument.
There is a magnificent view of the oldest bridge in Bordeaux, the Pont de Pierre, from here.

An exhibition displays the tools and materials used for construction purposes at the time the Porte Cailhau was built and an audio-visual presentation pieced together from old films immerses us in the world of stone masonry.

Prices :
Entrance : 5 € | 3,50 € reduced | Free with the Bordeaux Métropole City Pass.

Free for less than 12 years old.
Last climb 30mn before closing.

Free admission on the 1st Sunday of the month


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Porte Cailhau
Place du Palais

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Porte Cailhau
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The Porte Cailhau is closed until 11 July inclusive

The Porte Cailhau will be temporarily closed until 11 July for joinery work.