Bordeaux: Vegetarian food lover's paradise  

When you turn vegetarian, it’s for a number of good reasons, but it’s never to give up the love of good food! Alas, just a few years ago, it was a real struggle to find satisfaction in a restaurant; you had to look for the few nice places that were prepared to adapt their menu to not include meat or fish (without minding too much) and those which typically had one or two veggie dishes on the menu (long live Indian food!)... but then, suddenly, in the last two years, Bordeaux has become a veggie paradise. 


The streets are now abound with vegetarian and vegan restaurants, never ceasing to grow in number, never ceasing to innovate, to surprise… so feast your eyes on this!
We wanted to make a Top 10, but that was too hard, so we cheated a little bit…

Healthy, high in vitamins, buzzing: Dose. Addictive Posology

“Addictive posology”: that’s their slogan, and it’s contagious! Born from a healthy eating credo based on raw foods, superfoods and juices, Dose is developing a varied menu of sweet or savoury nutri bowls, mixed plates, cakes and juices at very reasonable prices. Their breakfast is one of the best in the city: fresh juice as a booster, porridge, a smoothie, sometimes even a fried egg with avocado… having one at 11am is a real delight, and it’s copious enough to count as your lunch too!


Unbeatable for price at lunchtime and endlessly creative: Cosmopolis

At this price, you won’t find such a healthy and delicious lunch anywhere else in Bordeaux! For just 10 euros, Cosmopolis proposes a starter, a main and a dessert, either vegetarian or vegan. It’s well-made and delicate, made from fresh and seasonal products. What more is there to say? Oh! The evening menu is renewed every week with the common theme of the veggie burger. The place is intimate and cosy, perfect for dates. Go for it.


Fashionable and delicious: Kitchen Garden

This ultra-central veggie restaurant has been the best at keeping up with the times: the set menu mixes pretty decoration with chic- very Instagram- and a creative, colourful vegetable-based cuisine. The fact that we can have a cool, trendy meal among girls doesn’t mean that we just eat carrots; there’s also copious lunch dishes, pastries at tea time and a gargantuan brunch on Sunday. It really is a great address for foodlovers.

A gem for vegans: Munchies

You just need to have tasted one of these hot dogs once to understand that irrepressible need to have another one… those desires don’t stop when you become vegetarian! The crowds came flocking once Munchies opened, which has managed to pull off real American fast food… while being vegan and healthy! This oddity, at a stone’s throw from Place de la Victoire, sells three different kinds of hot dog, crisps, cookies and a lunchtime bowl. Everything is vegan, organic and locally sourced, with the cheapest deal coming in at €6.90. Just one word: thanks.

A food truck worth tracking: Tofu’toi

You have to admit, cool veggie restaurants are still something of a rare gem in the centre of Bordeaux, even though they’re catching on everywhere. A nomadic adventurer took on the Port of the Moon in 2012 with her food truck, Tofu’toi, which you can find: in the office area of la Cité Photonique in Pessac, on the So Bio car park in Pessac Bersol and on Quai de Bacalan next to Cdiscount.

Emilie’s a falafel specialist, selling it at festivals and cultural events. She does a complete organic or vegetarian meal for you at midday for €12.50. Catering service on demand!


Refined, beautiful dishes: Rest’o

Located near to the Garonne on Quai de Bacalan, Rest’o is one of the rare places where vegetarians can rediscover the pleasures of a sophisticated- almost gastronomic- experience. The dishes are really colourful and made up of numerous flavours and textures, changing every day in tandem with what’s available at market. It’s one of the rare veggie places open in the evening, on Friday and Saturday. It’s best to reserve, then prepare to be swept off your feet.


Vegan comfort food from elsewhere

Ah, cheese… its ability to melt is the crux of many comforting recipes, including some that vegans can still enjoy! Two restaurateurs have dared to try vegetable-based cheese and have succeeded brilliantly in making vegan versions of their specialities. Who would have thought that you can taste a poutine (a dish from Quebec that mixes chips, melted cheese and gravy) in Bordeaux, and in a way that is just as decadent as the classic version? You can also find a perfect pizza, perfectly browned and meltingly soft, using no cow’s milk at all. These are two lovely venues as well, particularly nice for spending the evening with friends in the warmth on those cold winter nights. Bon appétit !

All-you-can-eat buffet spots

The kind of buffet where food is sold by weight or by the dish is a formula which is catching on, and one which works particularly well as a veggie version. Depending what’s at the market on the day, the chef prepares several starters and main courses, everyone can choose exactly what they want. In Bordeaux, we recommend the vegan Smart Green Corner close to Place Gambetta, La Cuisine de Johanna close to Mériadeck and le Palais de Justice, Le P’tit Chez Moi in the heart of Chartrons, or, unexpectedly, the restaurant Nature et des courgettes is a retro, art deco place…at the Bègles swimming pool: ideal for when you’ve had a swim.

Lunches with something for everyone

These three ‘café-kitchens’ are great lunch places for omnivores, where they try to cater to everyone’s preferences, with delicious veggie options on their menus. My Little Café, a favourite in the area around Porte Djieaux, is a sandwich and salad specialist, with a delicious tart of the day that’s always delicious. Café Kokomo has finally dared to go with the concept that everyone’s been dreaming about: they serve brunch all week and all day! A special mention goes to their avocado and toast, super burrito, California bowl and smoothies. Horace Café is a great place for food lovers, where you can try their constantly changing fresh and beautiful dishes, with your coffee in the morning or during an afterwork. Try these places out!


Text by Méline Engerbeau