The right bank - Elodie D  

When speaking of Bordeaux, people usually refer to the left bank. However, there are also great things to see and do on the other side of the Garonne! To begin with, leaving from Place Stalingrad, you can take a lovely walk along the quays where, in my humble opinion, you have the most beautiful view of Bordeaux (Place de la Bourse, Place des Quinconces, etc.). 


This is even more attractive at night. The Parc aux Angéliques, a bit further along, has lovely flowers. Children are delighted to come here, and athletically-inclined Bordelais can often be seen jogging. At the end of the park, you will find what I think is the ideal place to stop a moment and admire the scenery. The new Chaban Delmas bridge fits in beautifully with the surroundings and nearby buildings.  The sweeping view encompasses the river, as well as both the left and right banks.

Of course, there are plenty of points of interest to see on the right bank, starting with restaurants such as La Petite Gironde, a little corner of paradise on the riverbank with affordable prices.  Not far away, near the Pont de Pierre, you will find the famous Estacade restaurant jutting out into the river on piles. The food is excellent and the view unbeatable.  As for shopping, there is a women's clothing shop not to be missed: Le Comptoir de la Bastide. This charming boutique sells many brands of clothing and accessories that cannot be found everywhere. There are also other landmarks on the right bank such as the Mégarama multiplex cinema, with its beautiful architecture. I suggest you go there to see film previews with the leading actors. 

When I think of the right bank, I also think of suburbs such as Lormont that are part of the Bordeaux Urban Community. They offer some magnificent places to visit.  For instance, there are comfortable stone benches with a modern design at the foot of the Pont d'Aquitaine. This is a great spot from which to admire sunset over the Garonne. The Parc de l'Ermitage, one of the loveliest parks in the Bordeaux area, has its own lake, diverse flora, and a sublime view of Bordeaux. This is also the perfect location to watch firework displays over the river.

I often tell all my Bordelais friends who live on the left bank that it's high time they crossed the river to take advantage of all the right bank has to offer!

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