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© Au sanglier de Russie
© Au sanglier de Russie
© Au sanglier de Russie
© Au sanglier de Russie
© Au sanglier de Russie

Au sanglier de russie

The old brush factory Au Sanglier de Russie was founded in 1814. Now, the owner is the same family for four generations.

Au Sanglier de Russie offers a whole range of toilet and household brushes , manufactured in high quality materials, with elegant finish : shaving brushes and accessories, beard care items, hairbrushes, teeth, bath and nails brushes, sets of manicurist, horn combs, make-up brushes, natural sea sponges, feather duster, shoes and clothes brushes, and a large range of original and useful household brushes.

With more than thousand references of Fine Art paintbrushes and decoration, many artist-painters and craftsman-decorators come to Au Sanglier de Russie to seek the essential tool.

Sustainable approach

AU SANGLIER DE RUSSIE has implemented a responsible policy:
1. Choice of products: mostly organic, biodegradable and made from natural fibres.
2. Materials used: natural hair and plant fibres are preferred.
3. Short supply chain and suppliers: to limit the carbon footprint caused by transport.
4. Internal company policy: sorting and recycling waste, monitoring energy consumption.
AU SANGLIER DE RUSSIE is also committed to implementing guidelines on the importance of zero waste and recycling.

Practical information

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Au sanglier de russie
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