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Hangar 20
Quai de Bacalan

Tramway : Station Cité du Vin (ligne B) to 0,5 km
Bordeaux Chartrons - Jardin public

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Science Museum

The museum theme : Sciences and techniques

  • Accès Handicapé

I am on the quay, I house one major exhibition a year, I offer entertaining activities, and contribute to spreading scientific knowledge. Who am I?

I am Cap Sciences – an activity and exhibition centre open to the public. I offer a journey to the world of science and industry in Aquitaine. I am glad to welcome both children and adults to help them understand scientific, technical, and industrial influences.
Thanks to Cap Sciences Junior workshops, I enable 8-14 year-olds to put on lab coats and become chemists, engineers, astronomers, electricians, or scientific experts for a day. The Arthur workshop invites smaller children (6-11) to become little chefs, with the appropriate hat and apron. This entails preparing food, learning about hygiene and safety, measuring, etc. in order to transform ingredients into something palatable. Of course, the workshop ends with a tasting!
And to please the whole family, I suggest seeing the "T. Rex, the secrets of a dinosaur" exhibition. Tyrannosaurus rex means "king of the tyrant lizards" in Latin. This was one of the largest carnivorous animals of all time, more than 12 metres long. The dinosaur lived about 65-70 million years ago in what is presently North America. A subject for research and fictional representation... What is your image of T. Rex? Come and compare it to animated, life-size dinosaurs!
As I was saying, Cap Sciences is not just for children.


Services & equipments, comfort

  • Auditorium

  • Media library

  • Specific themed events

  • Workshop for children

  • Temporary exhibitions


Key information

Open days

  • From 03/01/2017 until 31/12/2017
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 14h00 to 18h00
  • Saturday, Sunday from 14h00 to 19h00
  • Closed on Monday

Closed on bank holidays


  • Hangar 20
    Quai de Bacalan
  • 33300 BORDEAUX

  • Bordeaux Chartrons - Jardin public


  • contact@cap-sciences.net
  • +33 5 56 01 07 07


  • English

  • Spanish

Accessible to disabled people