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© Rodolphe-Escher
© Rodolphe-Escher

Arc en Rêve, architectural center

arc en rêve centre d’architecture, which was founded in Bordeaux in 1981, carries out cultural awareness-building initiatives in the fields of architecture, urban development, landscape and design, acting as a mediator for the promotion of quality living environments.

The arc en rêve programme, international in scope and with a high level of local involvement, is intended to awaken a desire for architecture, to foster creativity, and to open up new perspectives on a changing world.

Exhibitions, guided visits, lectures, public events, workshops, informal sessions with architects, interpretive activities focusing on the landscape, and architectural and urban discovery trails are all aimed at the broadest possible audience, teaching people to see and understand the things that make up their living environment, both at home and abroad.

Cultural awareness-raising initiatives aimed at adults (both professionals and non-professionals), children and teenagers focus on developing sensitive approaches and the exercise of critical faculties. Seeing, touching, walking, interacting, debating, experimenting, travelling and inventing are all ways of knowing and sharing architecture, urban design, landscape design, and design in the broadest sense.

Reopening on the 27th of June 2020 and free entrance during the summer

Services, facilities, & comfort

  • Auditorium
  • Equipped conference room
  • Projection room

Practical information

From 2 January to 2 January
› tuesday : From 11:00:00, Until 18:00:00
› wednesday : From 11:00:00, Until 18:00:00
› thursday : From 11:00:00, Until 18:00:00
› friday : From 11:00:00, Until 18:00:00
› saturday : From 11:00:00, Until 18:00:00
› sunday : From 11:00:00, Until 18:00:00
Closed on monday

Open every day except monday and public holidays except on 14th July and 15th August 11 am – 6 pm late opening wednesday until 8 pm

  • Handicap accessible

  • Cash

Arc en Rêve, architectural center
7 rue Ferrère