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©Marie Blanchard
© ©Marie Blanchard

Our all-time favourite toy shops for kids in Bordeaux

There are shops galore for kids in Bordeaux, selling a wide variety of gift ideas! It won't come as a surprise, then, if Father Christmas fills up his sack right here, in our city in Southwest France! Here are our top seven shops for picking out pressies that kids of all ages will love!

Le Petit Souk

This shop first opened in Lille, in the North of France, in 2005. Since then, branches have popped up all over the country, including in Bordeaux. The toys and decorative items will delight vintage and poetic kitsch fans! You’re bound to find something special here to spoil all kids, no matter how old,  as this is a captivating toy shop for grown-up fans of ornaments and decorative knick-knacks too! Incidentally, Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges is one of our favourite shopping streets.

  • Le Petit Souk
  • 26 rue du Pas-Saint-Georges à Bordeaux
le petit souk magasins jouets enfants bordeaux
Le Petit Souk 

Petits Pouces

For twenty years now, this quirky little shop has been like the Ali Baba Cave of Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges! Every inch of space inside is filled to the brim with toys!  And not just any toys, but quality crafted, exquisitely presented playthings. So you won’t find any LOL dolls here, but that lovely wooden fire engine or wicker pram perfect for baby doll will catch your eye straightaway!

  • Petits Pouces
  • 3 rue du Pas-Saint-Georges à Bordeaux
petits pouces magasins jouets enfants bordeaux
Petits Pouces

Librairie Comptines

This children’s bookshop sells more than just books! This children’s store in Bordeaux also stocks a wide choice of games, toys and trinkets for youngsters. Budding writers will love their range of stationery! You’ll also find board games, craft kits, colouring and plastic animal figures of pretty much any species! Do you like books? Browse Bordeaux’ bookshops, there’s one to suit all tastes!

  • Librairie Comptines
  • 5 rue Duffour Dubergier à Bordeaux
librairie Comptines magasins jouets enfants bordeaux
©Librairie Comptines

Jeux Descartes and Jeux Barjo for board game fans

If you’re bored of “Uno” or Happy Families, then these two local Bordeaux shops are just what you need! Pop in and meet their board game specialists who will know exactly which game to pick out for you and your kids! At “Jeux Barjo”, you can even test-play a game with a drink in hand at the shop’s partner bar!

  • Jeux Descartes
  • 69 bis du des trous conils à Bordeaux

  • Jeux Barjo
  • 12 rue Saint James à Bordeaux (le bar à jeux)
  • 26 rue des Ayres à Bordeaux (boutique)
jeux barjo magasin jouets enfants bordeaux
©Jeux Barjo

L’école buissonnière

The cheeky name of this Bordeaux-based toystore for children, “skipping school”, is spot-on, as you won't find any digital tablets, satchels or homework in here!  L'Ecole Buissonnière is a children’s paradise. Traditional wooden toys, Playmobil, jigsaws, dolls, toy cars... It has everything for putting a smile on the faces of good (and even the naughtiest) girls and boys !

  • L’école buissonnière
  • 74 rue des trois conils à Bordeaux
L'école buissonnière magasins jouets enfants bordeaux
©L'école buissonnière

Second-hand toys and games

The charity Replay in Bègles gives a new lease of life to old toys and games. With careful cleaning, perhaps some mending and an inspection in line with the CE standards, toys and games are given a new lease of life. You can find them in the IKOS second-hand stores and La Boucle community hub in Bègles. By buying second-hand toys you’re not only showing kindness to children but also to the planet!

  • Ikos
  • Promenade Sainte Catherine (entrée la plus rapide par la rue Porte Dijeaux) à Bordeaux

  • La Boucle
  • 19 Rue Yvonne et Robert Noutary à Bègles
ikos magasins jouets enfants bordeaux

Lego store

Are there fans of Lego in your family? And you don’t know where to get the Lego table football, the latest remote-controlled train or Harry Potter Lego set? Look no further than the Lego Store in Bordeaux! Over two floors and 400 sq.m., you’re bound to find something that fans of the little plastic brick will love!

  • Lego Store, promenade Sainte Catherine in Bordeaux (the quickest entrance is via Rue Ste Catherine)
Lego store magasins jouets enfants bordeaux
©Lego Store Bordeaux

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