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Ecuries du Lac d'Hostens
© Ecuries du Lac d'Hostens

Horse rides on Bordeaux's doorstep

Some like to don their hiking boots, others like to get on a bike, but why not explore the land in the open air on horseback?

We have selected six horse riding opportunities for you in the Gironde department, in the Landes, at walking speed or at a trot, among the vines, in the thick of the forest or beside the water. Whatever you choose, you’ll be riding a well-looked after horse!

Horse riding on the beach or in the forest

Whether it be on the beach, in the forest or along the lake at Lacanau (‘l’étang de Lacanau’), the equestrian centre Les Sabots du Temple proposes rides for all tastes and levels. The choice is yours: do you want to go on a forest ride, suitable for beginners and children 7 and over, or do you prefer to take a dip during an oceanside ride on the beach at Le Porge? The latter is for more experienced riders, and you can take it at walking pace, at a trot or at a gallop, just like with their full day rides to the Lacanau lake (only during springtime).

​​Les Sabots du Temple
2 Route de Clot Arriou - Le Temple, 33680
06 70 23 19 55

  • Prices: 1 hour Forest ride: €25; 2 hours: €40
  • Beach ride: €45
  • Lake ride: €80 full day with picnic included

Balade à cheval
Horse rides

Horse riding among the vines 

For a change of scenery after the lake and the ocean, what do you say to a trip around the Entre-deux-Mers region? The pony club L’Écurie Novum proposes rides in small groups through forests and vineyards. Another itinerary takes you through the Teynac golf club. The team adapts to the level of rider, reflecting the values the club espouses all year round: respect for their horses, their riders and all who work there.

​Ecurie Novum
57 Chemin Des Pontons - Salleboeuf, 33370
Pony Club: 06 75 21 99 62

  • Book 24 hrs or 48 hrs in advance
  • Price: 1 hour ride: €25

cavaliers vignobles
Crédit : Philippe Roy

​Galloping at sunset - a horse ride around the lake 

​In the heart of the Landes de Gascogne Nature Park, the Hostens lakes (‘les lacs d’Hostens’) constitute a veritable and not-to-be-missed playground for horse riders. Beginners or experienced hands, children or adults: everyone can enjoy an adventure in this natural haven, on horseback or atop a pony.

Nicolas and Capucine take good care of their horses at Les Écuries du Lac d’Hostens, where the animals graze out on the prairie all year round. Nicolas and Capucine also offer horse rides for beginners in little groups of up to five people, in which they can familiarise themselves with the practises of riding, beside the lake or among the park’s conifers and on leaf-covered floors. You can also take a ride at sunset… On a well-trained horse, facing a pink-orange sky, you might find yourself starting to whistle the theme tune from a western… Saddle up cowboys!

​Ecuries du Lac d'Hostens
11 Route de Louchats - HOSTENS, 33125
Book online

  • Prices: Horse ride €40; Sunset horse ride €50

balade à cheval Bordeaux
Crédit : Les Ecuries du Lac d'Hostens

Horse riding along the Ciron...

On Peyrot Farm (‘La Ferme de Peyrot’), their horses have been carefully chosen for treks, chosen for their attitude, endurance and kindness; you’re in good hands (and hoofs!). Their trek routes take from one to three days, and allow you to explore the diverse lands found around Bazas, neighbouring both the Landes and the Lot-et-Garonne departments, and a stone’s throw from the gorges that sit astride the Ciron river. Less experienced riders or those with less time can enjoy an introductory session and a 1.5 hour forest ride with Éléonore, so everyone can get their feet in the stirrups!

​Ferme de Peyrot
2 Peyrot – GAJAC, 33430

  • Bookings 06 75 21 97 49
  • Price for 1h 30 min introductory session: €35

Balade à cheval autour de Bordeaux
Crédit : The Peyrot Farm

A horse in the heart of the Médoc 

Get out and explore the Médoc’s wild side and its marshlands, observe egrets and storks, discover shipwrecks at low tide: all this is possible, even as a beginner. The stud farm in Saint Vivien du Médoc puts on initiation sessions on the weekends, specially designed to get you to forge a relationship with their (very gentle) horses, to teach you how to communicate with them and then get you up into the saddle; they are introductory sessions for horse riding that can last a whole weekend in a familial setting. When you take a break, you’ll enjoy some local Médoc produce, and you can even stay the night in an “equestrian setting” or at the hotel.

Whether you’re an accustomed rider or a beginner, you can choose routes that last between one and three hours through Les Terres de Mattes and along the Gironde Estuary. More experienced riders will opt for a full weekend among the vines or on the beach, galloping in the water. Lastly, the stud farm also regularly proposes long-distance endurance treks: outdoor challenges against the clock, along a predetermined route that runs between 20 and 60 km.

​Haras de Saint-Vivien de Médoc
12 Route du Port

  • Bookings 06 16 57 07 90
  • Price: €135 full day, from €310 for a full weekend

© Haras de Saint Vivien

To continue the adventure, on foot, on horseback or by bike!