The Perfect Sunday in Bordeaux  

Spending a Sunday in the streets of Bordeaux is always the occasion to discover the city. Brunch for the foodies, museums visit for the art lovers, or shopping session for the fashion-addicts, follow the guide to spend the perfect sunday in Bordeaux.


When the sun shows up

It’s already time to head to the river banks. On foot or by bike, there’s nothing like an outing morning to gently start the day and to whet your appetite. Because let’s just face it, what would be a Sunday without a tasty breakfast?
Hopefully, French cafés are overflowing with viennoiseries. Croissants, chocolatines,… At Daily D, they know how to treat their visitors right.
After this yummy break, a shopping session seems quite essential. Just a few steps away from there, Quai des Marques is one of the best address in town, with more than 30 boutiques that sell cut-price collections.

Quai des marques - Vincent Bengold


To everyone who’s seeking more authenticity, rue Notre Dame is where the magic happens. Located at the heart of the Chartrons, a popular area that looks like a village, this street is  is a real paradise for bargain hunters. 


When time comes to say “Bon appétit”...

Let’s head for the Saint-Michel neighborhood, where the Marché des Capucins is a rendez-vous Bordelais not to be missed! Oysters from the Bay of Arcachon, Spanish tapas, cheese platters,... How to resist the temptation to eat those delicious dishes?

Sundays are also the perfect day for a brunch, and on that side, the city has a lot to offer! From the self-serve buffet of the Mama Shelter to the creative and savoury cuisine of Plume Small Kitchen, when it comes to food, Bordeaux is always in the spotlight. 

Marché des Capucins - Sara Soulignac


For a good and effortless digestion, several museums open their doors in the Saint Christoly area: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Decorative Arts & Design, the Memorial of WWII,... There’s something for everyone.

As we know, a shopping session sometimes goes so fast, that another one is definitely vital. No need to panic, Bordeaux has already thought of everything, the Promenade Sainte-Catherine is here to rescue us! Open air shopping mall, we find plethora of shops, even Lego fans should find what they’re looking for.

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (V. Bengold) and Museum of Fine Arts (F. Deval)



The day is already coming to an end… 

Time for a well deserved break under a tree. In order to do so, the Botanical Garden and Parc des Angéliques are ideal. Located on the right bank, it’s easy to set your mind free while walking around the exotic plants.

6 O’Clock, apero time! and in Bordeaux, we’re definitely not messing around with that. Terraces and rooftop get slowly crowded, and it’s at the Siman’s one that we’re taking a seat. Panoramic view, local cuisine, … Conditions are perfect to enjoy the sunset with a glass of Bordeaux wine in hand. And if the Siman is full, the Estacade also offers an unobstructed view of Bordeaux.

On the left bank, the Saint-Pierre area is probably one of the most animated when the sun goes down. But when time comes to sadly go to sleep, a takeaway artisanal ice-cream is never too much! 

Jardin Botanique - Bordeaux Métropole