A Sunday in Bordeaux  

If you're spending a Sunday in Bordeaux, with a little luck it's the first of the month and cars are banned from the city centre. Even if it's not the first Sunday, it's still easy to get about, whether you're going for a jog on the riverbank, taking a cycle tour or visiting a market.


The Capucins market is in full swing at 11 o'clock, when those who like to have a Sunday-morning lie-in join those whose bags are already full and they are all looking for a place to sit down for a coffee or some preprandial tapas.

As you make your way before noon from the Saint-Michel district toward the Pont de Pierre, you can still find some bargains in the flea market at the Quai de Salinières. Amidst the cheerful bric-a-brac of furniture, knick-knacks, clothes and books spread out before your eyes, there is always something to grab your attention. All you have to do is haggle over the price – it's all part of the fun!

If the sun is shining you'll be tempted to wander as far as the Chartrons for a plate of oysters on the riverbank before branching off for, say, the Jardin Public for a little well-earned catnap. However, if the sky clouds over, there is no shortage of cinemas in the city where you can have a pleasant break. And all museums are open on Sunday, with free access to the permanent collections. As evening falls you can find some excitement in some of the bars, perhaps even a party somewhere to help you to forget that tomorrow… is Monday.