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Place Pey Berland

Tramway : Station Hôtel de Ville (Ligne A et B) to 0,1 km
Bordeaux Hôtel de Ville - Mériadeck

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Saint André's Cathedral

  • Accès Handicapé
  • Phone : +33 5 56 52 68 10


Place Pey Berland


Located near the Town Hall, this is the most beautiful religious monument in Bordeaux.

Obviously, it is not like the cathedrals in the Paris region. Although it is not easy to compete with Amiens, Chartres or Reims, Saint André's heterogeneous style is nevertheless unexpected and endearing, especially because of its freestanding belltower. Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII, the future king of France, were married here 1137, as were Anne of Austria and Louis XIII. The cathedral was used to store fodder during the French Revolution… a sad fate for this monument that also suffered from a devastating fire in the 19th century. All of the furniture was replaced with that taken from other churches.
The well restored royal entrance in the north wall of the nave epitomises 13th century French Gothic architecture. Like many other cathedrals, sculptures were painted in bright colours at the time to attract worshippers.


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