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Château Pape Clément

Guided by the scents of amber scented candles, guests follow the rugged wooden staircase to choose their suite upstairs.
Clos des Songes, Mon Seul Rêve, Tempérance, Sérénité or Égrégore, the stay can begin.

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Visit Château Pape Clément, Château Fombrauge & Château La Tour Carnet: | Tel.: 05 57 26 38 34


Sustainable approach

The Château Pape Clément team testifies in favour of the estate eco-responsible commitment: It has been a few years now since the environment is in the heart of the Château's everyday preoccupations. As a proof, the varied labels the estate has obtained to certify the eco-friendly actions for its ecosystem: Terra Vitis, High Environmental Value level 3, ISO 14001 and more recently, the Bee Friendly label (protection for pollinating bees). Our commitment can be illustrated by the presence of a 45 sheep herd, that participative in the vineyard’s eco-pasture during the winter period. Thus, we contribute to the preservation of local species on the brink of extinction. Our will to produce wines in a sustainable approach is part of the Château philosophy and lifestyle".

Services, facilities, & comfort

  • Charging port for electric cars

Practical information

14 places

6 rooms

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Château Pape Clément
216 avenue du Docteur Nancel Pénard
33600 PESSAC

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