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© Musée de l'histoire maritime
© Musée de l'histoire maritime
© Musée de l'histoire maritime

Museum of Bordeaux Maritime History


The aim of this museum, whose collections belong to old Bordeaux families, is to bring the Port of the Moon’s river, maritime and port history back to life so that we have a better understanding and awareness of Bordeaux today.

Bordeaux owes its existence and even its fortune to its geographical location, near the Atlantic seaboard and linked to the Mediterranean world, and to the famous personalities and family lines that shaped its history and contributed to its development :  poets, philosophers, adventurers, shipowners, navigators, the King’s privateers, merchants, industrialists, etc.

Its international openness awarded it inscription to the UNESCO World Heritage, an opening made thanks to men and their history. The history of Bordeaux expresses through this maritime past, visible in the actual urban landscape.

Through 20 centuries of History, discover the Port of the Moon’s adventure : explore and meet Eleanor of Aquitaine, discover the amazing history of the privateers and browse, the time of a visit*, the history of the important characters who have forged the maritime history of the city.

Real treasures directly out of bordeaux’s important families attics, the maps, reproductions, models, original documents, navigational instruments and old objects sprinkle the visit and provide an amazing travel across the time.

*Free visit available in French and in English.

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Museum of Bordeaux Maritime History
31 rue Borie