The Gironde, with its lovely climate all year round, is one of the most diverse departments of France. The capital Bordeaux is known, of course, for its world famous wines. But you’ll find that our area has so much more to offer and to discover…


Our 11 golf courses are spread out in four different regions of the Gironde, each with its own character. The city of Bordeaux provides a stunning taste of the past with its historic center and its renovated architecture (3 golf courses). The Médoc region invites you to discover and visit our world famous wine châteaux but you’ll also love the untouched coastline where nature still rules (3 golf courses). The Bay of Arcachon will charm you with its magical colors and its tranquil natural beauty (3 golf courses). Finally, the Dordogne valley offers rolling hills, famous vineyards and the village of Saint-Emilion, with its rich history and surprising architecture (2 golf courses).


Bassin d’Arcachon

Le Médoc

Saint-Emilion et la vallée de la Dordogne


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