Dax, hydrotherapy and fiesta  

When it's time for a Landais feria, or fiesta, Dax puts on a red scarf and is proud of its Gascon roots.


Famous for its hot springs (62°C) with outstanding curative powers, Dax is the number one hydrotherapy destination in France. With expertise going back to antiquity, Dax offers high-level services and treatments in modern, well-equipped facilities enabling visitors to take advantage of its fabled waters, relax, en enjoy a sense of well-being during a weekend break or short stay.

A city famous for its food and festivities, Dax epitomises the Landais lifestyle. The white bathrobes worn at spas are exchanged for red scarves emblematic of Gascon roots at celebrations in every village in the Landes during the summer months. In August, the Feria de Dax is the occasion for 5 days of fun, special events, and bandas (small brass bands), where a good time is had by all!

Mont-de Marsan is famous for the "Fêtes de La Madeleine", which shows that the festive tradition is very much alive and well throughout the Landes – where there are more than 50 musical societies to help provide a unique atmosphere.

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