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Sara Soulignac
© Sara Soulignac

An excursion through Entre-deux-Mers

  • 21
  • 3h
  • Moyen
  • Dans le vignoble

This bucolic, family-friendly trip invites you to discover Bordeaux’s winegrowing landscapes while getting up close to its typical cultural heritage: majestic chartreuses, square dipping fishing nets beside the Garonne river, and rehabilitated former train stations along the Roger Lapébie cycling path.



This trip begins at le Miroir d’eau (“the water mirror”).


Head off towards the pont de pierre and follow the Martin Luther King Promenade which passes under the pont de pierre (“stone bridge”).


Take the cycle lane which takes you up on to the bridge on the right of the esplanade. At the end of the bridge you’ll see Xavier Veilhan’s Lion.


Turn right on Quai Deschamps and take la Voie Verte (“the Green Path”) into the Parc aux Angéliques.


Continue for 500 metres after the Eiffel Footbridge then turn left onto Rue Matteoti and continue on Chemin Richelieu.


After 800 m, take the cycling track on your right that runs along the family gardens. You will pass the Parc des étangs public park. At the end of the track, take a left onto Rue Jules Guesde before turning right at the traffic lights onto Avenue Gaston Cabannes, heading towards Bouliac. Continue straight at the roundabout. At the next roundabout, take the 3rd exit towards Bouliac (on Route de Latresne), which goes up onto a bridge that goes over the ringroad.


At the Route de Latresne roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Côte de Bouliac (a steep hillside with a 7.6 % average gradient and a maximum of 9 %). At the top, turn left on Avenue de la Belle Étoile. Continue on this road for 3 km.


At the roundabout take Route de Tresses on the right towards Carignan-de-Bordeaux, then go along Rue de Cadene, heading towards Château Carignan. At the next roundabout, stay on Rue de Cadene, then take the Allée des Châteaux for 2 km.


This road takes you past Château Carignan.


After Château Léon, head down the path reserved for cyclists and pedestrians. At the bottom, turn left onto Route de Lignan. At the crossroads, take Route de Citon to the right. 


After 1 km, go onto the “Roger Lapébie cycle path” (la piste cyclable Roger Lapébie) which runs alongside Route de Citon towards Latresne.


The track takes you past what used to be the Citon-Cénac train station, now converted into a stopover gîte. 


When you get to the village of Latresne, cross the road to stay on the cycle path, eventually going over a bridge across the River Pimpine. At the end of the cycle track, turn left onto Chemin du Port de l’Homme. After 250 m, take the cycle path that goes around the roundabout on the left (be careful when crossing the road) and go along Route du Port de l’Homme, taking you along the Garonne river.


Follow Chemin du bord de l’eau (“The Waterside Path”), which takes you past la Chartreuse de Valrose on your right then the Isle of Arcins on your left. 


Go under the François Mitterrand bridge and continue on the cycle path towards Bordeaux, taking in the Bordeaux’s new auditorium, Arkea Arena.


At the end of the cycle path, take a left onto Rue Sem, which takes you under pont de pierre. At the traffic lights, turn right on Quai de Queyries towards pont de pierre. Take the bridge, then at the end turn right onto the cycle path, bringing you back to le Miroir d’eau. 

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