10 Esplanade de Pontac

Tramway : Station Cité du Vin (ligne B) to 0,1 km
Bordeaux-Lac - Bacalan

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Les Halles de Bacalan

Food store

  • Phone : +33 5 59 58 11 67


Since 2015, the basque company BILTOKI (the place that gathers) renovates the concept of food halls by giving it a serious rejuvenation. After Anglet, Dax, Mont-de-Marsan, it’s time for Bordeaux to welcome its food hall.
Biltoki thought of giving a multiple and complementary offer. To sum up, the covered market will welcome 23 vendors.

Two butchers, two fish merchants, an oyster seller, a group of local producers, a poulterer, a cheese merchant, a wine merchant, a truffle merchant, a foie gras specialist, two vegetables merchants, an Italien caterer, a Spanish caterer, a vegan caterer, an aperitif house, a bakery… a food service area and a café. Together and with the help of a ‘captain of the food hall’, collaborations will be created and events will happen all year long (more than 100 events programmed per year).
“In the digital era, if we “like” all of our dishes on the internet, we feel the important need to gather under a same roof to share food, ideas and a real experience” - Romain ALAMAN (Biltoki)

950m2 / 60 people hired / 23 stands handled by vendors and local producers. Products and savoir-faire from the new-Aquitaine - local distribution channel - café - tasting - events all year long - eating on the go - cooking classes - 85% of the products come from the South West of France


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  • 10 Esplanade de Pontac
  • 33300 BORDEAUX

  • Bordeaux-Lac - Bacalan


  • +33 5 59 58 11 67


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