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Echappe-toi Bordeaux

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Echappe-Toi Bordeaux is an escape game located in the center of Bordeaux and less than 10 minutes away from Grand-Théâtre.
All our rooms are accessible for teams of 2 to 6 players. We also have a room at your disposal to welcome larger groups before or after the time spent within the game.

You can choose from 6 scenarios:

- Le Fantôme du Grand-Théâtre : Explore the inside of the dressing room of the Grand-Théâtre to investigate the murder of a dancer and free her ghost!

- La Malédiction de la Grosse Cloche : sound the Grosse Cloche to save the city from the fire that is about to ravage it. Unfortunately, it has been sabotaged: will you be able to rebuild the clockwork in order to make it function once again?

- Le Complot Bordelais : rob the office of a lawyer in less than an hour. Your objective is to unmask a network of wine bootlegger to save the reputation of the local vignards and to stop the Complot Bordelais!

- Les Disparus du Château Trompette : try to escape from the dungeons of Château Trompette by reliving Bordeaux’s history. Enigmas and puzzles that will test your nerves in this tough challenge!

- Le Bar des Quais : escape from the mafia’s bar on the Quai de la Monnaie before the police arrests you for complicity with the famous bank robber!

- Le Trésor Perdu de Pier Palaboul (scenario for children between 5 and 10): Pier Palaboul, your pirate friend, has memory problems. Help him find his treasure! In order to do this, children will have to solve puzzles and enigmas while accompanied by a professional actor for the duration of the game.

Conditions for access to the rooms:
The rooms are available starting at the age of 8. Players under the age of 15 must be accompanied by at least one adult per room. All our rooms can welcome 2 to 6 players.
Adult price : 22 € per person
Child/student price : 18 € per person
Prices for groups and associations : Regressive prices available upon a quote. Capacity of 2 to 48 players.
Trésor Perdu de Pier Palaboul : for children 6 to 9 years old, 108 € per room (6 children) 180€ for 2 rooms (12 children).
Reservations available over the phone only. A minimum of 4 children within the room is advised. Room available following the game for birthdays and other events.


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  • Open all year 2019
  • Open daily


  • 2 Place de la Ferme Richemont
  • 33000 BORDEAUX


  • info.bordeaux@echappetoi.com
  • +33 5 56 23 95 97


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