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Starry Night

stars / concert / literature / gases

Friday 7 août, 2020 - 8:30pm until midnight

For this 30th Nuit des Étoiles, Côté sciences Air&Espace and the Centre social et culturel de Beaudésert welcome you to contemplate the celestial vault!


Observe the sky and the stars with astronomical glasses in the presence of the astronomers of AG33, AEPIC and SAB.
"The sky is yours": Do you have telescopes? This is your opportunity to bring it, a space will be specially dedicated to you to use it. This space will not have electricity ATTENTION: your equipment will be under your full responsibility. Remain vigilant 
Observing the sky with the naked eye and discovering legends around the constellations with Cap Sciences

SHOW Spectacul'air
9.45pm and 10.30pm - Duration 30 minutes
Enter the world of the infinitely small and experience the properties of gases. Why is hot air lighter than cold air? Is it possible to fly through the air in a balloon filled with helium? Find out what atmospheric pressure is and the effect of its variations. You'll see spectacular demonstrations of how the invisible can be materialised and take part in some amazing experiments!

SPECTACLE Ode to the Night
9.30pm - Duration 60 minutes
Cross concert of classical music and literature under the stars. From Beethoven to Schumann or Rimbaud to Apollinaire, classical musicians and poets have never ceased to celebrate the night. These two arts will intertwine their different but complementary voices to offer a new "hymn to the night" in the heart of a starry, poetic and intimate atmosphere.
Proposed by the Company Les Caprices de Marianne who will play and try to "rekindle the stars" in your eyes.


Practical information

  • free entrance

Côté sciences Air&Espace
74 Avenue des Marronniers
33700 Mérignac

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August 2020
Friday 7 20:30 - 23:59